Volume 1, #1 - June 1947



Except for the title pages of each volume, if there was a lot of white space on a page I only scanned the text area.
I am inserting text descriptions for some articles, so they can be found by search engines,
and in a few cases, I'll insert some comments on the material, even with graphics and links

Play Review: College for Scandal, by Wallace C. Parnell
[ copyright 1943, Melbourne, Australia ]

Film Review: "Children of Loneliness" (1937)

TCM entry


Above, two movie ads, one on right from October 1936; below, still from film

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Throughout the nine-issue run of the magazine, Lisa Ben begs for readers to
contribute articles, but I have not seen any information, such as an address,
on how they could do that. This must have in all true forms a publication
that was passed hand to hand.

Also, copies were made at The ONE Archives at the USC Libraries.
They do not allow use of their "originals," so these are "copies of copies,"
hence the uneven quality of some of the pages.