September 2013
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This month show is dedicated to a whole lot of Lesbian Music Obscurities, with perhaps some even fans of these artists may have missed. For example, did you know Cris Williamson released an EP in 1973, and it's pre-Olivia Records? Other gems are by Meg Christian, Lucie Blue Tremblay,
Lisa Ben, and many more. So, here's rare material galore, and I had fun putting together Part 2, as every song has the word 'dyke' in its title.

Part 1 - 59:33
Cris Williamson - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (1973)
Cris Williamson - Easy Evil (1973)
Lucie Blue Tremblay - So Lucky / La Freak (1982)
Sara Ellen Dunlop - Looking Out the Window (1976)
Sara Ellen Dunlop - Rock & Roll Music (1976)
Mama Quilla II - Angry Young Woman (1982)
Miki Wagner - Normandy (1981)
Miki Wagner - Is She Really Going Out With Him (1981)
Lily Tomlin - Edith Ann on Lesbians / Doris Gay (1974)
Jane Howard - Something About Her (1989)
Cowgirl Sweethearts - You Got Me All Wrong (1994)
Meg Christian - Lady (1974)
Carole Etzler - Women Loving Women (1976)
Lisa Ben - Cruisin' Down the Boulevard (1960)
Lisa Ben - Frankie & Johnny (1960)
Cris Williamson - Mambo Jambo / Sham (1973)

Part 3 - 58:54
Beth Caurant, of Lilith - Play It On the Radio (1980)
Lilith - Boston Ride (1978)
Gayle Marie - Stormy Nights (1982)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - I Survived a Femme (1994)
Girls With Guitars - By My Side / Mine All Mine (1996)
Nancy Ford - I Need a Woman (1995)
Destiny - It's Alright / Softball on Belmont Plateau (1992)
Judy Reagan - Softball (1983)
Friggin' Little Bits - My Folks Are Coming to Stay (1980)
Righteous Mothers - Haagen Dazs (1986)
Penny Wood - I'm Scared of Jackie (1985)
Wicked Lady - Girls Love Girls (1979)
Jamie Anderson - When Cats Take Over the World (1995)
Rhythm Method - I Met Her on a Sunday (1994)

click on the artist name for their website (if any)

Part 2 - 58:23
Artemis Singers - I Enjoy Being a Dyke (2001)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - D-Y-K-E (1994)
Allison Farrell - I Like Being a Dyke (1993)
Lynn Thomas - Dykes (1991)
Fabulous Dyketones - Fabulous Dyketones Theme Song ('88)
Women in Comfortable Shoes - My Dyke (1992)
Judy Reagan - Dyke (1983)
Lynn Lavner - First Dyke
on Dynasty (1986)
Carol Urskurat - What's It Like To Be a Dyke? (1981)
Jill Posener & Tom Robinson - A Dyke's Gotta Do What a      Dyke's Gotta Do (1979)
Polly Perkins - Superdyke (1976)
First Nudie Musical (D. Shapiro) - Lesbian Butch Dyke (1976)
Melinda - Dyke Dramas (1994)
Jan Barlow - Dyke the Halls (1986)
Venus Envy - Silent Dyke (1995)
Le Tigre - Dyke March 2001 (2001)
Scragfight - Dyke Liberty & the Fag (2011)
Raunchy Reckless & the Amazons - Dyke Hag (2003)
Monica Grant - PC Dyke (1996)
Clare Summerskill - Obvious Dyke (1999)


January 2020

Sisterblues & the Blue Suede Dyke Band

It took me many years to track down this very rare 45 rpm record, and I do not claim it is
terrific musically, but as I have found it, even if I am no longer doing radio, I want to share it
and about all I know about them....which is not very much

The band included Mary Pelc, Lindsay Elam, Alison Clark and Holly Jones.
I found next to nothing about them except one short mention of them
performing at a Chicago church in 1978. Pretty sure this was their only recording.

Listen to "Sister Blues"

Listen to "What Goes Around..."

Interestingly, the times are wrong on the labels, really 4:57 and 5:58

And, And.....(12/22)
One of my friends contacted the group and arranged for these
two tracks to be remastered along with three unreleased ones
from that time
view on YouTube

Below, (4/24) I want to thank Rhonda K Craven for
chiming in with her memories of this band

Mountain Moving Link