Sept 2010
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Welcome to an unusual show! The criteria was that an artist's recording could ONLY have been released on cassette tape, not on vinyl or CD, or later reissued on CD. So this puts us mostly in the 80s and 90s, with the releases of independent artists, most of which never had a prayer of getting played on the radio. I'm sharing some real gems of lesbian music. And this is the second show I've done on this premis...hence I got Barbara Gittings (in Philadelphia in 1965) to hold up the appropriate placard. If this show doesn't wear you out, check out Part 1, November 2008.


Part 1 - 57:03
Paula Walowitz - Music (1990)
Galloway & Lee - Something Special (1990)
Second Wind - It's Time To Let Go (1990)
Petronella - The Too Long Song (1994)
Gayle Marie - Love's Got a Hold on Me (1984)
Linda Severt - Cleanin' (1993)
Venus Envy - Venus (1990)
Chandler & Ripley - I Survived a Femme (1993)
Chandler & Ripley - Show Me Where It Hurts (1993)
Solid Ground - Solid Ground (mid-80s)
Ginni Clemmens - Best Friend (live, 1975)
Nan Collie - Wings of Song (1991)
Nan Collie & Maureen Kelly - I'm a Teacher (1992)
Linda & The Family Values Band - They'll Get      
                You Anyway (1992)
Wmyprov - Ballot Measure Number 9 (1992)
Destiny - Lesbian Lover (1992)

Part 2 - 62:00
Narissa Bond - What Does Love Mean (1996)
Lisa Koch & Julie Wolf - Hello In There (1991)
Lisa Koch & Julie Wolf - Naral, Naral (1991)
Venus Envy - She's Not There (1990)
Girls In The Nose - Starpower (1990)
Karen Hellyer - Hangin' With the Boys (1993)
Monica Grant - PMS (1989)
Cowgirl Sweethearts - Monogamy (1994)
Wyrd Sisters - The Faucet (1992)
Melanie Monsur - Blues on the Run (1987)
Jane Howard - Look at What the Cat Just
      Dragged In Blues (1983)
Jane Howard - Mama (1979)
Sienna - Bedtime Stories, The Layover (1986)
Joyce Zymeck - Sip of Water (1998)
DJ Adler - Woman, My Lovely Woman (1982)
Destiny - Homophobic Blues (1992)

Part 3 - 62:48
Bobbi Carmitchell - Over the Rainbow (1987)
Janis Ian - Commercials (1994)
Janis Ian - All the Way Home (1996)
Zonna - Straight (1995)
Musica Femina - New Beginnings (1984)
Musica Femina - April Toye (1985)
Jamie Anderson - Where the Water Runs
           Deep (1986)
Girls In The Nose - Hey, Chastity (1992)
Linda Moakes - Cool Fetus / Affirmations (1987)
Leah Zicari - Martina (1990)
DJ Adler - Politically Correct (1982)
Tracey Rose - Lesbian Rap (1996)
Chandler & Ripley - #1 (1993)
Margie Adam - I've Got a Fury (live, 1977)
New Haven Night Angels - We're Going to
      Make It (live, 1977)
Izquierda - Blue Eyed Sister (live, 1977)
Destiny - It's Alright (1992)

Links: If the artist has a website,
you can click on their name


Okay, I strayed from my "lesbians on cassette" theme for this
one track, but when else could I EVER play together two songs
about Ballot Measure #9?

Destiny - Softball on Belmont Plateau (1992)

Please see my October 2001
Show for more on Destiny


Since the information on these tapes is so historic and hard to find, I've
scanned the entire cassette liners -- Click the tape above for those pages.
This often includes complete lyrics, and for some additional photos.


Many of recordings heard on QMH can be purchased at
Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.

That's actress Hope Emerson on the right..a very butch woman...


There was also the first edition of
"Lesbians On Cassette"...another three hours
November 2008