Sept 2007
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Songs I've Been Meaning to Play

No specific theme for this show, as it's packed full of songs that just
haven't fit into other shows, plus Part 1 ends with a special tribute.


Maxine's 1979 album, and behind it, her 1972 45 rpm record

Maxine Feldman wrote the song "Angry Atthis" in 1969, and it took another three years before it was recorded, as a 45. In those years she was OUT well before it was considered safe for a gay or lesbian artist to be performing openly. This was before Olivia Records or any of the other early openly lesbian recordings. Feldman's openness lost her bookings and she was banned from some clubs, but she never compromised her act or her music. The song "Angry Atthis" later appeared on her 1979 album, "Closet Sale." As a performer, she was a fixture at the Michigan Women's Festival for most of the 70's, and her song "Amazon" became an annual theme song for the event. She passed away on August 18th, in Aberquerque, at age 62. She was indeed one of our pioneers. Click to listen to my April 2002 interview with her.

recent photo of Maxine, from the wonderful video "Radical Harmonies"

Part 1 - 58:08
Maxine Feldman - Angry Atthis (1979)
Maxine Feldman interview quote (2002)
Ron Romanovsky - Hard Times for Closet Cases (2006)
Jacqui Walter of Bluehouse comment (2007)
Bluehouse - Help Me Make It Through the Night (2007)
Terry Christopher - Brothers In Arms & Sister Soldiers ('07)
Nick Granato - In This Human Race (2007)

Focus on Joe Meek
Tornados - Telstar (1962)
Tornados - Do You Come Here Often (1966)
Joe Meek - He's Mine (early 60s)
La Prohibita - My Johnny Doesn't Come Around (2002)

Pete Anders & Vinnie Poncia - She's the Girl Who Stole My Baby (1963)
Cannibal & the Headhunters - Land of 1000 Dances (1965)
Mika - Grace Kelly (2007)
Ivri Lider - Jesse (2007)
Ivri Lider - The Man I Love (2007)
Tribute to My Partner Jeff
Tret Fure - Sail Away (2007)
Mark Weigle - Wish You Were Here (2002)
The Last Session (soundtrack) - When You Care (1997)

Part 2 - 76:48
Sugarbeach - I Just Love Girls (2007)
Lisa Koch comments (2007)
Lisa Koch - Tall Cool Drink (2007)
Lisa Koch - Back When We Had Sex (2007)
Jamie Anderson - Too Busy Being Blue (2007)
Songs About Anita Bryant
Lynn Frizzel - Hurricane Anita (1977)
Tom Paxton - Anita OJ (1978)
Manfred Langer - A Message From Holland (1980)

Terence Uphoff - Two Fathers (2005)
Paul Wagner - To Be a Man (1973)
Paul Wagner - The One (1973)
Andy White - My Gay Cousin (1996)
Cat Stevens - Randy (1978)
From "Gulp" - Hand Out the Leaflets (1976)
Michael Winther - The Other Other Woman (2005)
Woody Simmons - You've Got the Love (1977)
Woody Simmons - It Don't Rain (1980)
Kitty Rose - I Ain't No Pretty Little Thing (2007)
Steve Snelling - Perfect Strangers (2001)
Susan Werner - I Was Late for the Dance (2004)
Susan Werner - Our Father (2007)
DQ - Drama Queen (2007)

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Ron Romanovsky's 2002 French CD  Bluehouse  Bluehouse CD "One More Kiss"

Ron Romanovsky's 2006 song "Hard Times for Closet Cases" was distributed as an mp3 only. He's shown above on his 2002 CD, and on the right is Jacqui & Bernadette of Bluehouse
and their latest release, "One More Kiss"



Terry Christopher's "Journey of a Wordsmith"   Terry at 2006 Outmusic open mic   Nick Granato's "Outside the Lines"

Terry Christopher and Nick Granato both released excellent albums this year


Focus on Joe Meek


 2001 release of Meek's early recording  Spanish tribute album, 2002  The Tornados anthology

Joe Meek was a legendary UK record producer from the early 60's. His innovative style and distinctive production techniques brought him much fame at the time, starting with his #1 smash hit "Telstar," as done by the Tornados. But by 1966 he was deep in depression, over declining record successes and the oppression he felt for being homosexual. There was some irony then in the 1966 record he produced for the Tornados. On the flip side of their 45 "Is That I Ship I Hear" he placed what sounded like a throwaway song, called "Do You Come Here Often?" It was an innocuous sounding instrumental but if you got far enough into it, at about the 2:15 mark, you'd hear a bit of conversation by two very campy, bitchy queens. What Was he thinking? Still, this was a milestone, inserting a bit of then-gay life onto vinyl, and on a major label yet. Meek committed suicide, with a shotgun, in 1967.

Above Joe Meek is shown on the definitely collector's only release of "I Hear a New World," a historic but generally unlistenable capturing of his early output from 1960. It was recorded much before he had any hits (1960) and was not released until 2001. The next year out of Spain came a Joe Meek Tribute project, from which came the track I shared by La Prohibita, a male rendering of "My Johnny Doesn't Come Around."

Find a very interesting article on Joe Meek and his gay recording Here


recent release of Anders & Poncia hits & rarities  Anders & Poncia

Pete Anders and Vinnie Poncia spread their talent between performing (as the Videls and Tradewinds) and songwriting (for the Ronettes, Darlene Love, and others) and their 1963 demo of "She's the Girl Who Stole My Baby" was irresistible for me. And below, Frankie Gracia had the nickname Cannibal and with his East L.A. group the Headhunters had the first hit with the classic garage rock song "Land of 1000 Dances." (Wilson Pickett would score bigger with it the next year). Garcia was gay and left the music business in 1966 and died of AIDS in 1996.

   Frankie Garcia   Cannibal & the Headhunters 1965 LP

Photo by Hector Gonzalez




Two very talented new artists are Mika, from the UK, and Israel's Ivri Lider


Tribute to My Partner, Jeff


On August 9th my partner Jeff passed away, at age 46 of cancer. We celebrated our 12th anniversary in the hospital four days before he died. He was the love of my life and I miss him dearly. I do not generally bring my personal life into my programming, but feel it is important to include a tribute to him as part of this show. And I have also set up a special section of my site to honor him, and our relationship, which you can visit my Clicking Here.



Tret Fure - Sail Away (2007)
Mark Weigle - Wish You Were Here (2002)
The Last Session (soundtrack) - When You Care (1997)

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