September 2002
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Rod Hart's LP "Breakeroo!"

"C.B. Savage" 45

Joe Tex LP "Bumps & Bruises"

From Joe Tex's "Bump & Bruises" LP, he sang "Be Cool (Willie Is Dancing With
A Sissy)." Below, Barbara Lynn's "Dina & Patrina" appeared on her 1962 album.

Barbara Lynn LP

Bellamy Brothers CD

The Bellamy Brothers and Pinkard & Bowden both lost their women, in their c&w songs

"Pinkard & Bowden" CD

"Pinkerton" CD, by Weezer

Rivers Cuomo (below), lead singer for Weezer. Their "Pinkerton" CD featured "Pink Triangle"

Rivers Cuomo

Evan Dando, of Lemonheads

Above, Evan Dando, lead singer of the group, Lemonheads

Lemonheads CD EP

Barnes & Barnes CD "Loozanteen"

Teddy & Darrel


Teddy & Darrel, from the LP cover, (no last names were given). They swished their way through the hits of the day on their album. Click to see
images from it's back cover.

Chesterfields ad

A famous Chesterfield Cigarettes jingle from the 50s was parodied on the very rare album below

"Hee Hee Hee Hee Larious" comedy LP

"It's Hee Hee Hee Hee Larious." The small print on the front cover says "a collector's item of JW," and it's believed, but not confirmed, that Jonathan Winters was associated with this project.

Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys CD

One of the more disgustingly homophobic CD releases

Mick Jagger, in "Bent"

Above, a scene from the 1997 movie, "Bent," in which Mick Jagger sings about the pretty boys on "The Streets of Berlin." A soundtrack was never released for the movie, so the video is the only source for this song.

Ellis Paul CD

Ellis Paul (below) gave me some nice comments about his song "She Loves A Girl," from his 1998 CD "Translucent Soul"

Ellis Paul

Josie Cotton's "Johnny Are You Queer" appeared on her 1981 LP "Convertible Music," and also on the 1994 soundtrack CD for the movie "Valley Girl"

Josie Cotton


Artist Links:
Peter Alsop
Bellamy Brothers
Pinkard & Bowden

Ellis Paul
Mean Gene Kelton
Barnes & Barnes


Playlist: [airdate Sept 23, 2002]
Teddy & Darrel -strangers in the night ('66)
Rod Hart - cb savage (1976)
Jim Stafford - my girl bill (1974)
Chesterfield ad (50s)
Joe Tex - be cool, willie is dancing
    with a sissy (1977)
Barbara Lynn - dina & patrina (1962)
Peter Alsop - hopelessly heterosexual ('81)
Geof Morgan - homophobia (1980)
Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys -
    i ain't no okla-homo (1993)
Bellamy Brothers - my wife left me for
    my girlfriend ('97)

Pinkard & Bowden - since my baby
    turned gay (1992)
Mick Jagger - the streets of berlin (1997)
Weezer - pink triangle (1996)
Lemonheads - big gay heart (1993)
Ellis Paul interview comments (2002)
Ellis Paul - she loves a girl (1998)
Mean Gene Kelton - texas city dyke (2000)
Tim Walker - klondyke (2000)
Barnes & Barnes - homophobic
    dream #23 (1991)

Josie Cotton - johnny are you queer (1981) while you listen...

Below, Jim Stafford's novelty 45 "My Girl Bill," made it to #12 on Billboard charts

Jim Stafford

Peter Alsop

Peter Alsop

Above & below, Peter Alsop &
Geof Morgan are two folk artists with a number of pro-gay and pro-feminist songs

Geof Morgan

Geof Morgan's "It Comes with the Plumbing"

Gene Kelton

Mean Gene Kelton CD

Local Houston artist Tim Walker included his song "Klondyke" on his "Live" CD,
with April Kelly

Tim Walker

Tim Walker & April Kelly CD


Read Josie Cotton's version of What Really Happened