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Mondo Rocco

Mondo Rocco is a collection of short films weaved together as it was seen in the
Park Theater in Los Angeles in late 1969/early 1970. These films include:
"A Night At Joanie's" featuring illusionist Jim Bailey; "Meat Market Arrest"
- a live police bust of a gay bar in '69; several beefcake shorts featuring Rocco
stars Ron Dilly; Rev. Troy Perry of MCC leading a protest; and much more.
Charming in their innocence, Rocco's films captured important moments in
gay history and are an invaluable resource. [ from IMDB ]

Other Films (Partial Listing)

Someone (1968)
Let There Be Boys (1969)
Marco of Rio (1969)
Sign of Protest (documentary short, 1970)
Sex and the Single Gay (1970)
One Adventure (1972)
Drifter (1975)
We Were There (documentary, 1976)