Pat Rocco  


Pat Rocco, an entertainer, photographer, and an activist has appeared on radio and on television;
performed, produced and directed for the stage; photographed, produced, and directed motion
pictures; participated, organized and documented the struggle for equal rights for gays and
lesbians in Southern California and in Hawaii; provided emergency shelter and job training for the
homeless, and has been with his partner, David Kirk Ghee (known as David Kirk), since 1972.
[from One National Gay & Lesbian Archives holdings introduction, see link at bottom of page]

February 9. 1934 -- November 8, 2018

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Mondo Rocco, Other Films

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The Music of My Life, 2000
Pat Rocco Sings Songs for Gay Lovers, 2006
Christmas in Hawaii, 2009
Rocco Rocks Hawaii, 2010

When I obtained the Tide 45, I wrote to Pat Rocco for information on it,
and other possible recordings, and he kindly replied with all that and more.

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Amazingly Pat Rocco does not have his own website, so please
see this reference site for an incredible amount of information:

Online Archive of California

And see Pat Rocco's Flickr Photostream