Lesbian & Gay Prom Songs


In May, it’s Prom Time. I found several "prom songs” by gay and lesbian singers,
and the first two do not have videos I can link to, so I am providing links to hear
them. First, in 1986 two Salinas, California, female students went to court, and won,
for the right to go to their high school prom together, and I admire the courage that
must have taken, especially as it was in 1986.

Laura Berkson put the story into a song, called “Marie,” from
her 1989 self-titled cassette tape.

Click to Hear “Marie” by Laura Berkson

Cathy Winter may have the first recording of the song,
on her 1987 release "Travelling Home"

And, the lyrics, from the above CD

Click to Hear “Marie” by Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert

Holly & Ronnie's version is from the 1996 CD “This Train Still Runs”

It was also recorded by Judith-Kate Friedman,
on her cassette "Where We Begin"

And on the 1988 LP by Charlie King and Martha Leader
it can be heard at this link

And, the choral group Vox Femina featured it in their video.

Another case of lesbians at a prom was written and recorded by the iconic duo
Romanovsky & Philips, on their 1995 CD "Let's Flaunt It"

It got a Video.

And, I have another gay prom song, one a bit humorous, and it’s from 1992, and also
was a cassette-only release. Harry C.S. Wingfield did the honors with his song
“I Do, I Do, I Do (The Senior Prom Song).”

Hear Harry C.S. Wingfield

And to see what he looks like, above right is a 45 he released in 1992

If you know of other prom songs with LGBT lyrics, please let me know, at jddoyle@qmh101.com