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October 2012

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Lucy Spraggan - Last Night (2012)

That was short and sweet, but then they don't let you sing full songs on the TV show X-Factor. Lucy Spraggan was on the UK version and her song "Last Night" delighted the crowd and the judges, and she went on to the next round. This is JD Doyle welcoming you to OutRadio for October. This is the first four-hour show in several months, but I just wanted to include a special segment. That is Part 4, "Gay Porn Stars Who Sing," or perhaps you might suggest, "Gay Porn Stars Who Think They Can Sing." Either way, I think you'd find it interesting.

This next song on Part 1 I've not played in a while. It's from 1999 and I just love it. It's by Meg Hentges from her CD "Brompton's Coctail," and is called "This Kind of Love."

Meg Hentges - This Kind of Love (1999)
Blinded by Stardust - Changes (2012)
Bluejay - Batty Boy (2012)

After Meg Hentges you heard the band Blinded by Stardust, from Vienna, Austria, and their newest song, "Changes." And then Florida artist Jay Thomas, going by the name Bluejay, gave us the song "Batty Boy," from his upcoming album "Mercury."

And here's a rare appearance by a straight artist on OutRadio, but he has two gay uncles and that influenced his message. He is definitely sticking up for gay rights in the song "Same Love." He's Macklemore and the song was done with Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert. It was released in support of Washington State's Referendum 74, regarding gay marriage.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, with Mary Lambert - Same Love (2012)
Fingersnap - The Bishop of New Hampshire (2012)

Very nice, that was "The Bishop of New Hampshire," which was about Gene Robinson, who became the first openly-gay Bishop in 2003, with lots of controversy. The song is from the new EP by a UK duo calling themselves Fingersnap, but they are definitely not new to music. They are Guy Davies and David McAlmont. Some of you may also know McAlmont as part of the duo McAlmont & Butler.

I'm staying in the UK for this next artist, Kris Searle, who you'll hear dedicate his song "I Won't Change" to Cody, a gay-bashing victim. And then you'd hear him sing "Starfire."

Kris Searle - I Won't Change / Starfire (2012)
Brent Braniff & Chad Wheeling - Cherry Boy / Kissing Boys (2004)

That picked up the beat a bit. I've been meaning to play that act for a while. They are Brent Braniff and Chad Wheeling. They've released several albums, but that one was from 2004 and is called "A Shining Example of Youth," and the tracks that caught my attention were of course the most gay ones, "Cherry Boy" and "Kissing Boys." They are from North Dakota and this next act is from France and is called Plastic People.

Plastic People - Stonewall 1969 (2009)
Plastic People - My Boyfriend Is An Alien (2012)

Again that was Plastic People. From their 2009 CD "Good As You" was "Stonewall 1969," and from their new release "Pink Narcissus" I could not resist choosing "My Boyfriend Is An Alien."

And an artist I've played before on my shows, Kevin Wood, is working on a new CD, to be called "Out Among the Wolves." He sent me a preview track, named "Today" and hoped I would mention the Kickstarter campaign he has to finish the album. No problem, if you like the song and want to help, there's a link on my site. Here's a world premiere of the song "Today," by Kevin Wood.

Kevin Wood - Today (2012)

This is JD Doyle closing OutRadio, but this is just Part 1. There's much more to come. Taking us out of this part is Melissa Etheridge with a brand new CD, and from it I chose "Kansas City," and the title track "4th Street Feeling."

Melissa Etheridge - Kansas City / 4th Street Feeling (2012)

This is JD Doyle for OutRadio and here's a bit of cabaret that I think is very sweet.

Geoff Kidwell & Eric Michael Krop - Halfway (2012)
The Blanks - Guy Love (2011)

Now, I don't know if that group is gay or not, but it's a cute song. It's called "Guy Love" and was written for an episode of the TV show Scrubs. One of the songs writers and some friends put together a group, called The Blanks, and did their own version. And starting the segment off was Geoff Kidwell and Eric Michael Krop and the song "Halfway."

For a couple months now I've been playing on this show tracks from the artist AG, from her new EP called "The Beatles," and I'm pleased to bring you two more: "She Loves You," and "From Me To You."

AG - She Loves You / From Me To You (2012)
Arlene Mantle - Sister, Friend (1986)


That song was by Arlene Mantle and I played it to honor her, as she passed away in September, at age 80. She was for decades a fierce singer/songwriter and social activist in Canada. That song, "Sister, Friend" was from her 1986 LP called "Class Act."

Mike Rickard - Stupid Stuff Like That (2012)
Allen Andrew - Man of the Year (2012)
Jimmy Sommerville - Some Wonder / Taken Away (2012)

Solent - Jimmy Sommerville

Who doesn't like a little Jimmy Sommerville? He's got a new album, called "Solent," and those were the tracks "Some Wonder" and "Taken Away." But I have to back up and tell you who else you heard in that set. Starting it off Atlanta artist Mike Rickard did an updated version of his 2009 song "Stupid Stuff Like That." It's available on a CD called "Dance Til You Sweat." And finally, Allen Andrew sang about the "Man of the Year."

Here's an artist from Spain named Ramil, singing this year's official song of Pride Barcelona, called "Believe in Love"

Ramil - Believe in Love (2012, dance version)
Von Smith - Hopeless (2012)

I've been following that singer for a while now, ever since I saw him in 2009 on American Idol. He didn't make the finals but I loved his voice and style. Rosie O'Donnell spotted him earlier, and had him as a guest on The View in 2007, where he sang an over-the-top version of "And I'm Telling You Now I'm Now Going." Well, it would be hard to sing that song and not go over-the-top. You can find that on YouTube. His latest break came on a show called Opening Act this summer. On that show they pick singers to open for big stars, and then help groom the artist for the performance. He hit the jackpot, and ended up being flown to Melbourne, Australia, to open for Lady Gaga. The song they gave him was the one I played, called "Hopeless."

Bringing down the beat considerably is an artist in Canada named Jace, and a song from his new album "Faultline." The song is "Ribbon and Remorse."


Jace - Ribbon and Remorse (2012)
Jay Brannan - Greatest Hits (2012)
Antony Hegarty - Landslide (2012)

Now, I thought Jace's voice reminded me a bit of that of Jay Brannan, which is a high compliment, so I played one by Jay, called "Greatest Hits," from his CD "Rob Me Blind." And then I shared the track "Landslide," from a various artists comp called "A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac." They were blessed to have Antony Hegarty on that comp.

Here's a new track by Brandon Anderson, from his 2012 CD "Guitars & Grievances." It's called "Blood Blind."

Brandon Anderson - Blood Blind (2011)
Sean Wood - Slow (2012)


Very nice, and that was called "Slow," by a Brooklyn artist I just found out about in time to slip into this show. He's Sean Wood and his brand new CD is called "Sudden Love."

Here's another world premiere, from an album to be released at the end of October by UK artist Ste. McCabe. I like his kind of punkish style, and I've been playing his music for a number of years now. From the CD "Bad Kitty" is "Conversion Therapy (for Haters)."

Ste Mccabe - Conversion Therapy (for Haters) (2012)


I'm ready to close Part 2, and I'm doing so with a single by Matt Dobkin. He does a great job covering the Al Green song "Let's Get Married."

Matt Dobkin - Let's Get Married (2011)


Mina (Keith) Caputo - New York City / Selfish (2000)
Steve Cohen & the Elton Costello Band - Living in the U.S.A. (2012)

Welcome back to OutRadio, this is JD Doyle and Part 3 for this month. I started off with two by Mina Caputo and the album from 2000 called "Died Laughing." Mina was then known as Keith, before transitioning. And then Steve Cohen shared with us "Living in the U.S.A."

I'm very pleased to bring you some tracks now from a brand new CD by Canadian Jeff Straker. His albums are always an event with me, and the new one is called "Vagabond." This album, like a lot of his, seem to be complete works of art, so it almost seems wrong to pick parts out of it, but I managed. Here are the tracks "Birchbark Canoe," "Botanic Gardens," and "San Souci."

Jeff Straker - Birchbark Canoe / Botanic Garden / San Souci (2012)

Jeff Straker, and three from "Vagabond." Next, something a bit different. Out of the UK are two artists collaborating for this CD. Toska Wilde and Luis Drayton got together to release "Glamoflage" and here is the title track and another called "She's My Beard."

Toska Wilde & Luis Drayton - Glamoflage / She's My Beard (2012)
Nightmares in Wax - Black Leather (1980)
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (1985)

Well, that third song may not have been to everyone's taste, but it did have some history to it. That was "Black Leather," by Nightmares in Wax, from 1980, and the lead singer, Pete Burns found success five years later with "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)." So, in five years he went from, quote, "doing heavy leather boys on motorbikes" to spinning "right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round."

Last month on OutRadio I got a preview track from an artist new to me, Matt Gold, and I played that song, called "Ordinary," which just whetted my appetite for more. Now I have the new CD, and it's named "Drown Before You Swim." So here's a triple play.

Matt Gold - Oh Joe / Cowboy Catches a Ride / Ordinary (2012)

You just heard the first three tracks from Matt Gold's debut album, "Drown Before You Swim," and they were "Oh Joe," "Cowboy Catches a Ride," and "Ordinary."

About three years ago I did, I think, a very interesting interview with Bucky Motter, concerning gender. But I got to know this artist's music, oh, around 1998, when she went by Angela. I'm going back to 1992 for this song though, from the CD "Outta Control," and the song "How Does It Feel."

Angela Bucky Motter - How Does It Feel (1992)


Here's a band from Melbourne, Australia. They are called Jungal and from the CD "This Crooked Track" is the song "Worlds Between."

Jungal - Worlds Between (2010)
Marc McBarron Kessler - Flawless Duet (2012)

After Jungal came Marc McBarron Kessler. I recently discovered his music and while he has not released a CD I wrote him and requested he send me some songs, and he did. That one was called "Flawless Duet."

Ending Part 3 is an old fave of mine, Mark Weigle. Now, in 1980 Tommy Tutone had a hit song with "867-5309 / Jenny." Mark put his own version of it on his 2003 album "Different and the Same." And now to me it will always be a song about Jimmy.

Mark Weigle - 867-5309 (Jimmy) (2003)

See Special Gallery

Naked Boys Singing - Perky Little Porn Star (1998)
Zebedy Colt - I'm In Love With a Wonderful Guy (1969)

This is JD Doyle and that's a kind of bizarre start to Part 4 of OutRadio. It's unusual for individual segments on this show to have themes, but I've been wanting to do this particular theme for a while now. I'm calling it Gay Porn Stars Who Sing. I thought a natural introduction would be the song "Perky Little Porn Star" from the 1998 musical "Naked Boys Singing," and I blended that into "I'm In Love With a Wonderful Guy." Of course that last song sounded a bit different than it did in the musical "South Pacific." It was sung by Zebedy Colt on his 1969 LP "I'll Sing For You." That was one of the first albums done where a male singer does songs intended to be sung by a woman. But that's not why he got on this segment. By the mid 70s, while he was still appearing on Broadway under his real name, Edward Earle, under the name Zebedy Colt he was making the first of at least ten porn movies.

Colt was by far the earliest example I found, but I have one more from the 1970's, barely. In 1975 Wade Nichols made his first porn film, named "Boynapped." It was gay porn and he went on to make about two dozen more, mostly straight. In 1979 Village People producer Jacques Morali renamed him Dennis Parker and released a disco album on Casablanca Records entitled "Like an Eagle." The title track did quite well.

Dennis Parker - Like an Eagle (1979)

Next up chronically is David Burrill, and he was one of the most prolific in the recording studio, where he still makes his living, running one in Raleigh called The Sample Factory. I have several releases by him, the first being a vinyl LP from 1989, on which he looked delicious on the cover, and he called it "Cover Boy." I have a 4-song cassette tape from 1993 named "Face in Your Place," and those songs ended up on a full-length CD the same year called "Bump Da Booty Blue." The next year he and Chad Spikes teamed up and called themselves DV8, with the letters D, V, and a number 8, and that yielded the CD "Who's Normal." The title track dealt with lots of kinky sex, both gay and straight, and in fact many of his songs have hetero lyrics. So this is a good time to mention for many of these artists it's not always known if they are gay or marketing themselves gay. Burrill's last CD was "Sinner Man," in 1998, on which he did a decent version of the Prince song, "Little Red Corvette."

David Burrill - Little Red Corvette (1998)
Aiden Shaw's Whatever - Scum (2006)

That was Aiden Shaw, who starting in the 1990's appeared in over 50 films, often working with director Chi-Chi LaRue. He's from the UK and has also written several books, and in between his other projects formed a band called Aiden Shaw's Whatever, which was also the name of the CD from which I took the song "Scum."

I'm going to stay overseas for these next three artists, and first is Quentin Elias, originally from France, now living in the U.S. In France he was lead singer of a successful boy band for several years in the late 1990's. In the last ten years he's released a slew of singles and I chose one from his 2006 CD called "What If I?" Here's his cover of the 1979 disco hit by Jackie Moore, "This Time Baby."

Quentin Elias - This Time Baby? (2006)
Carsten Andersson - Fun (2010)
Jesse Ares (Arestirado) - Pornstar (2011)

I followed Quentin Elias with Carsten Andersson, from Denmark, another lad to take the porn to pop star route. You heard his 2010 single "Fun." Then I played German porn actor Jesse Ares, who released a CD called "Shameless" under the name Arestirado, including the song "Pornstar."

Next is the porn star couple Aden and Jordan Jaric, who had a contract for several years stipulating they would only perform in film with each other. They split in 2010 and that same year the police had to break up a bloody brawl between them. Ironically the year before they released the single "Hit Me Up."

Aden & Jordan Jaric - Hit Me Up (2009)
Fredrick Ford - Too Funky (2005, Infect'ive Radio Mix)
Zeb Atlas, with Pearly Gates - Love Hangover (2011)

In the middle of that set was Fredrick Ford, and his song "Too Funky" got a bit of attention in 2005. His career started out on Wall Street, but he became dissatisfied with that world and put his efforts into music, and then had an opportunity to do film, and has appeared in several already. Last in that set was Zeb Atlas, obviously not his real name, but he is a rather large, and active gay porn actor, who also sings. Last year he got a soul singer named Pearly Gates to duet with him on that cover of the Diana Ross song "Love Hangover."

Next, Dominico Pacifico chose the perfect stage name that announces his connection to both music and film. It's DJ Pornstar. He does remixes for scads of people, but here's one of his own, from this year, called "I Don't Want to Wake Up."

DJ Pornstar - I Don't Want to Wake Up (2012)
Johnny Hazzard - Deeper Into You (2006)
Dean Monroe - Closer to You (2009)
Greg Mitchell - Let Your Daddy Ride (2009)

That was a bit foreplay, or rather, a four-play, and the second of those four songs was Johnny Hazzard and "Deeper in You." That was from 2006 and he's also appeared in a number of Chi-Chi La Rue films, and also on TV in the Here Network show "The Lair." And I went from "Deeper in You" to "Closer to You," with that one done by Falcon Studios actor Dean Monroe, and it was from 2009. Finally in that set, you heard Greg Mitchell and his song "Let Your Daddy Ride," also from 2009. Mitchell is out of London, and very much exudes the daddy image.

In case you haven't noticed, not all of these folks would be considered great singers. Some are no doubt capitalizing on their gay film celebrity to help their music along. And another question is why these folks are so overwhelmingly drawn to dance music. Is it the least challenging genre for some whose voices may be a bit challenged?

Also, I want to say that this is definitely not a complete listing of these folks, as it's kind of a, pardon the expression, hard thing to research. I think it's even worse than if you tried to search out, say, all the songs recorded by former contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race. At least there you're dealing with a finite number and an area not at all as gray as what singers used to do gay porn.

Anyway, I've saved for last one of the best singers and one of the, let's say, most challenged. In the best category is, in my opinion, Colton Ford. I was skeptical at first when he first started releasing his music, but now he's done two very respectable CDs, and of course some singles. In 2008 he released "Tug of War" and he followed that up in 2009 with "Under the Covers," which was a very good and quite varied collection of cover songs. He made a video of the one I like best, REM's song "Losing My Religion.

Colton Ford - Losing My Religion (2009)

Okay, when you heard the theme of this segment was Gay Porn Stars Who Sing, some of you may have automatically thought of one of the most iconic, Jeff Stryker. He's always been a bit coy on whether or not he is gay, but he's definitely most known for his gay porn, and for taking things a step further by merchandising the "Jeff Stryker Cock and Balls," cast from his own famous member. You can still buy that, along with a Jeff Stryker action figure, directly from him on his website.

How he got onto this show is his attempt at country music. That's another reason why I'm playing him's hard to mix a country song along with all that dance music. In 1993 he released a CD single of three remixes of a song called "Wild Buck," and I've never heard that one. Then, in 2003 he put out a 3-song EP with the songs "Mi Vida Loca," "When We're Through Making Love," and one other perhaps cringe-worthy entry,
the one many folks love to make fun of. I found a blog post from that time talking about the song. The writer said, "I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that the combination of country music and a gay porn star could produce something so crass. Anyway, I'm still waiting for Jenna Jameson's gospel album. I hear it's called Snatches of Scripture." Here's Jeff Stryker and "Pop You in the Pooper."

Jeff Stryker - Pop You in the Pooper (2003)

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