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Dean Johnson
Dean & the Weenies
Velvet Mafia


Photos & Recordings (this page)
The Trip Records Label


Above, "Chicken / Fuck You" on Radical Records 2, 12", 1987

Below, "Conventions" on Great Jones 600, 1988

Below, Great Jones LP 6000, 1988, which also featured guest artists
Joey Arias, John Sex, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, and Phoebe Legere

Below, from back cover of above LP

"Fuck You" also appears on the 1994 compilation "This Is Offensive," (Continuum Records)

Above, Trip Records 4277-P1, 1996, promo only release

At the top of the disc is printed "Album Available Autumn 1996!" which was
blacked out with magic marker, as the album ultimately was released in 1998


Trip Records 4277-2, 1998


Above released on their own label, Hassenstein 101, in 2004

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