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OutRadio June 2014
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Conchita Wurst - That's What I Am (2012)
Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix (2014)

And that was the delightful gender bending Conchita Wurst, who recently won the Eurovision competition. And that got a lot of protests from the Russian countries who thought a bearded drag queen just wasn't what they wanted. Too bad, just track down the video for those songs and you'll marvel at her artistry. I played "That's What I Am," from 2012, and the song she won with, "Rise Like a Phoenix."

And this is JD Doyle, bringing you another edition of OutRadio, and I promise to jump all over the map musically. Here's an example, while my favorite Bianca Del Rio was winning this year's RuPaul's Drag Race, last year's winner, Jinkx Monsoon, was releasing her debut album. And this is quite a departure from the usual I-was-just-on-RuPaul's-Drag-Race-and-here's-my-new-single-sorry-if-it sounds-like-all-the-other-dance-tracks-by-the-others. Take a breath, as Jinkx Monsoon is a very talented cabaret artist, and the new album is called, well, "The Inevitable Album." Fred Schneider of the B-52's does an intro, and I'm sure he doesn't really mean it.

Jinkx Monsoon - Ladies in Drag / What About Debbie (2014)
Mike Andrews - Pride 2014 (2014)
Jade Elektra - I Was Born This Way/Respect Yourself (2014)
Ryan Bonn - Street Trash (1995)

So, by Jinkx Monsoon we heard "Ladies in Drag" and "What About Debbie," and then by dance artist Mike Andrews came the timely track "Pride 2014," followed by Jade Elektra and her mix of "I Was Born This Way" and "Respect Yourself." And then I went way back for one more for that set. From 1995 you heard "Street Trash" by San Antonio artist Ryan Bonn. That track is hard to find, but I got it from a compilation called "Hand in Hand." He was a Star Search winner and did a lot of work off-Broadway, so the dance single was unusual for him.

I was doing some research in a 1997 magazine and found mention of a gay artist I don't remember knowing about, Bil Ringgenberg. He was the lead vocalist of the Canadian band Driving Blind. I found the music easily and liked this one, called "Fly," from the 1996 album called "Driving Blind." And I also found that his previous band was called Monkeywalk, and from their self-titled album from 1995 you'll also hear "That's Not Love."

Driving Blind - Fly (1996)
Monkeywalk - That's Not Love (1995)
Georgie Jessup - Philosopher Dogs (2014)
Georgie Jessup & Sonia - You're the One (2014)

After the band Monkeywalk I took two tracks from the brand new CD by Georgie Jessup, first the title track, "Philosopher Dogs," and then "You're the One." And if that other singer on that last one sounded familiar, well if you listen to my shows at all, it should. That was Sonia of Disappear Fear. Both Sonia and Georgie Jessup are from the Baltimore area so I'm sure that's how the duet was arranged.

Next, another long-time favorite on this show is Tom Goss, and I'm pleased to give you a triple play from his new CD, called "Wait." I got to play the title song last month, as he sent it to me early, and now that I have the full album, here are the tracks "It Only Takes One," "This Is Real," and "Take a Chance."

Tom Goss - It Only Takes One / This Is Real / Take a Chance (2014)

This is JD Doyle thanking you for listening to Part 1 of OutRadio for June. Closing this segment is Naked Highway and their cover of the Laura Branigan song "Self-Control."

Naked Highway - Self-Control (2014)


Kristof Shane - Am I Wrong (2014)

That is Kristof Shane, a Houston artist I got to see perform here recently, and I was impressed, so I immediately went looking for something to play by him, and I found his cover of the Nico & Vinz song "Am I Wrong." This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 2 of OutRadio for June.

Up next is the new track by New York City artist David Clement. It's called "Follow Me Home."

David Clement - Follow Me Home (2014)
Aris - Light to Dark / Fallen Blind (2014)
Richard Barone - Can I Sleep on Your Futon (2012)

Those second two tracks, "Light to Dark" and "Fallen Blind," were by an artist just calling himself Aris. And I finished the set with "Can I Sleep on Your Futon" by Richard Barone.

And this artist has become a darling of music critics, he's Owen Pallet, and he got a lot of attention under the name Final Fantasy. This time the song is billed as by him, and it's the title track from his new release, "In Conflict."

Owen Pallett - In Conflict (2014)
Jane of Arc - Run Flying (2014)
The Magickal - The Only Sin (2014)

The second song, "Run Flying," was from an all-lesbian band named Jane of Arc, from their album "Freedom in Falling." And then you heard The Magickal, doing "The Only Sin."

An artist I like a lot is Spencer Day and his brand new CD is called "Day Break." I've got a triple play from it, of the songs "Missing Tonight," "Don't Let Me In," and "You Don't Know That You're Lonely."

Spencer Day - Missing Tonight / Don't Let Me In (2014)
Spencer Day - You Don't Know That You're Lonely (2014)

Changing the pace again, Brett Basil is about to bring us a new track called "Twisted."

Brett Basil - Twisted (2014)
K Anderson - Fuck Around (2014)

That was called "Fuck Around," done by a UK artist I like named K Anderson.

This is JD Doyle, thanking you for joining me for another OutRadio show. I'm closing this one with still another triple play, by UK artist Ray Isaac, from his CD "Who Am I" you'll hear the title track, "East Side Story" and "U Want or U Don't."

Ray Isaac - Who I Am / East Side Story / U Want or U Don't (2014)