OutRadio homelink to Queer Music Heritage
January 2011 The Best of 2010, a very, very subjective look, with an hour devoted to albums and another to singles, with (of course) some very esoteric choices. OutRadio's first anniversary show.
February 2011 Interview with Judith Casselberry on the new CD "Amazon 35," honoring Maxine Feldman, and Part 2 is a Tribute to the late David Gurland, a NYC pop/cabaret artist who passed on January first. Part 3 is a mix of still more great music.
March 2011 Lots to share this month, and it turned into a four-hour show, touching lots of genres. In Part 1 don't miss my "Lesbians in the Wrong Bathroom Set."
April 2011 "The EP Show." As more and more artists are releasing EP-only recordings, I'm paying note to that, and this month am sharing two hours drawn only from that type of release, that happened to span 1993 to the present.
May 2011 If this month's three-hour show were an Oreo Cookie, then the cream in the middle would be my interview with Josh Klipp. It's all about his new jazz CD, and I hope you agree there's nothing but quality in the rest of the show.
June 2011 More special interviews this month, with Sean Wiggins, Jennifer O'Connor and David Dub, surrounded by lots of music from many genres, and a neat feature on Hunx & His Punx.
July 2011 Lots of new music this month, of many genres, and Part 3 is my salute to the Out in the Woods Music Festival, at Easton Mountain, near Albany, NY, August 13-14
August 2011 First, a "career interview" with an artist I much respect, Brady Earnhart. It covers all three of his albums spanning almost 15 years. And then, well, three more hours of goodies from all over the queer music map.
September 2011 Three more hours of just all kinds of music, from Altergott to Walden...pop, punk, folk, musicals, dance, and more!
October 2011 Something different, the OutRadio 5-10-15 Show, saluting the Best of the Years for 5, 10, and 15 years ago....so, that's 2006, 2001, and 1996.
November 2011 Another four hours of, I think, great music, including some unreleased material. I had some great music to pack in and I hope you give these artists a listen..
December 2011 I've loved bringing new artists and music to you all year. Again, on this 4-hour show, you'll hear about every genre, and I figured that out of the 66 different artists there are 30 that I've never played before.
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