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January 2010 The Best of 2009, a very, very subjective look. Plus three more hours, including interviews with Matt Alber, Tom Goss, Jeff Straker and UK artists Horse and the band Wire Daisies, a dance segment, and much more. The OutRadio debut.
February 2010 This month on OutRadio I felt like I was making Queer Mixtapes, just for you.    
So while in general there will be lots of variety, you'll find Part 2 to be very rockin' and Part 3 full of cabaret and pop. Over three hours total.
March 2010 A special OutRadio Salute to Canadian GLBT artists...an Olympic effort yielding
an over five hour program covering many, many genres and a whopping
76 different artists and 85 songs! No, not every artist but a great start!
April 2010 This four-hour show includes interviews with Tom Goss and Jason & deMarco, and then goes on to include the music of 45 other artists, songs of many genres...some old, some new, some certainly never before played on the radio.
May 2010 Special & very fun interviews with Diana DiGioia (aka OutLate), Ryan States, Amy Campbell, and Lori Michaels, and the another hour packed with music you may not hear anywhere else, for this three-hour show.
June 2010 Interview with Daniel J Cartier on his new CD, and then much more, for a total of three hours packed full of music, from many genres, with brand new music, a bit of old, and a bit of rare...I mean, have you heard the song "A Dyke's Gotta Do..."?
July 2010 Another 3-hour show full of just all genres of music, including a special segment called "These Instrumentals Are Gay"...well, they Are by GLBT folks, and in this case from the broad genre of electonica.
August 2010 How I spent my summer vacation, Interviews with Tret Fure and UK artist
K Anderson (both with new albums) and two more hours of Much More Music, yeah, that sums it up.
September 2010 Special interviews with Kevin Wong, Avi Wisnia, Linq and Mama's Black Sheep, all with new CD releases to talk about; and then another hour of more terrific music, some you won't hear anywhere else...3 hours in all.
October 2010 Part 1 is a special Tribute to Dean Johnson, of Dean & the Weenies and The Velvet Mafia, and that's followed by two more hours of everything from dance to rock to folk to pop.
November 2010 "It Gets Better: The Music of the Movement." A salute to the music inspired by the project, plus Thomas Raniszewski talks with us about his compilation CD
"I Hear In The Streets," benefiting LGBT youth organizations.
December 2010 This show finishes up the first year of OutRadio, and I've loved bringing new artists and music to you. You'll hear about every genre, including some tracks you'll likely not hear anywhere else...but then, I say that about all my shows...:)
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