October 2006
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Ellen Seeling

Ellen Seeling

This month's show features two very special interviews with two of our culture's finest music makers. Ellen Seeling has a rich history in jazz, and now, big band music. She and her partner, Jean Fineberg, gave us two fine jazz albums, under the name Deuce, and they were musicians on albums for the historic band Isis. More recently, Ellen is director for the album "Montclair Women's Big Band."

And Philadelphia singer songwriter Steve Cohen has long been a favorite of mine. I consider his debut album, "Silent Too Long," as an essential gay album. His lyrics will touch you, hit home, and even make you laugh. I'll explore all of his work, including some early material not officially released, and some that's brand new.

Steve Cohen, photo by Jeff Quattrone

Steve Cohen

Playlist         (airdate Oct 23, 2006)
Montclair Women's Big Band - Brownsville Express
Deuce - Texas Pearl (1986)
Isis - Bobbie & Maria (1975)
Deuce - The Whole Enchilada (1996)
Deuce - Mahalo Kauai (1996)*
Montclair Women's Big Band - River's Invitation
Montclair Women's Big Band - Caravan (2005)
Steve Cohen - I Want Everything (1997)
Steve Cohen - I Want To Be a Jock (1997)
Steve Cohen - True Love (1997)*
Steve Cohen - Your Kind of Love (2000)
Steve Cohen - Dykes Lumber (2000)
Steve Cohen - Mr Wilson (1995)
Steve Cohen - Recordland (1995)
Steve Cohen - Another Man (1996)*
Steve Cohen - Lesbian (1996)*
Steve Cohen - Tantrum (2003)*
Elton Costello - World Famous (2006)*
Steve Cohen - Silent Too Long (1997)
* = internet show only


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Artist Links
Montclair Women's Big Band
MWBB on CDbaby
Steve Cohen
Elton Costello
Elton Costello on CDbaby

Montclair Women's Big Band

Montclair Women's Big Band

Producers of the MWBB CD

Above, the producers of the album. Barbara Price was one of the founders of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. I've interviewed her before, and her comments appear on my April 2002 and November 2004 QMH shows.

1975 Isis ad

Ellen & Jean appeared on the Isis album shown above in an ad from After Dark from September 1975.
And the very out song I shared with you, "Bobbie & Maria," came from that album.

   self-titled Isis debut, 1974   "Breaking Through" by Isis, 1977

Jean Fineberg played on the first Isis album, in 1974, and their third album,
"Breaking Through," from 1977, credits the horn arrangements to Ellen and Jean

See my June 2002 show for more info on ISIS, and a notation of the passing of Carol MacDonald

Deuce, Jean & Ellen

Above, Jean & Ellen, and below, their Deuce albums from 1986 and 1996.
Click Here to see an interesting article on them from Hot Wire from 1985.

Deuce cassette, 1986    "Windjammer" by Deuce, 1996

Ellen Seeling, often with Jean Fineberg, have appeared on the albums shown below, and others

Chic - C'est Chic (1978)   Sister Sledge - We Are Family (1979)

Laura Nyro - Season of Lights (1977)   Larry Harlow Presents Latin Fever (1994)

Margie Adam - Here Is a Love Song (1983)  Margie Adam - The Best of Margie Adam (1995)  Holly Near - Edge (2000)


Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen, photo by Tony Green

Silent Too Long   This CD was released with two different packagings

Above, "Silent Too Long," from 1997 and "I Must Have Been Crazy," from 2000.
Below, several of Steve's "pre-release releases" from the mid 1990s.

Click Here to see many more of Steve's recordings.

Tape 1  Steve Cohen - Live

Tape 2   Elton Costello CD, 2006

candid shot, circa 1999   Steve & JD

Above, candid shot from circa 1999, and on right, I got to meet Steve in April 1999, at the GLAMA Awards