October 2004
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Songs I've Been Meaning To Play

...by Female artists


DykeAppella - Lesbian Picnic (1998)
Judith Carsello - Lezzie Queer (1980)
Alison Farrell - I Like Being A Dyke (1994)
Clare Summerskill - Obvious Dyke (1999)
Kathy Fire - Crazy (1978)
Jackie DeShannon - Nothing's Gonna
     Stop Me (60's)
Jackie DeShannon - There's Gonna Be
     A Fight (60's)
Carole King - Go Away Little Girl (1962)
Carole King - Hey Girl (1963)
Dusty Springfield - Great Shakes
     commercial (1967)
Lesley Gore - Coke commercial (1967)
Lesley Gore - Secret Love (1964)
Miss Lily Banquette - My Secret Love (1996)
Killing of Sister George movie commercial (1968)
Judy Fjell - I Was A Teenage Lesbian (1993)
Sarah Golden - I Love You More Than Jello (2000)
Nancy Ford - I Need A Woman (1995)
Allison Tartalia - Mr Wizard (2000)
Dykeappella - Hollywood Haircut (1998)

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Artist Sites
Clare Summerskill
Jackie DeShannon
Carole King
Lesley Gore
Dusty Springfield
Judy Fjell
Sarah Golden
Nancy Ford
Allison Tartalia


DykeAppella CD, 1998

The group DykeAppella unfortunately released only one album, "At The Gates Of Heaven," in 1998. Members of the group were Tara Ayres, Normajean Bunton, Nancy Gerber, Emily Jones and Tess Meuer. Click for much more info and DykeAppella music.


Hey, see that photo of Goldenrod on the right? Click on it and it gets you to Goldenrod Music, where the finest in lesbian music can be found. If you click to get there, and then buy a CD I get a (small) cut...do you think this website is cheap?....:) Thanks!

Gay & Straight Together

"Gay & Straight Together"

Ginni Clemmens produced in 1980 an album on her own label that brought together a wide variety of gay and straight, young and old, and male and female artists. Such artists were represented as Kristin Lems, Charlie Murphy, Malvina Reynolds, Paula Walowitz and this show's choice, Judith Carsello. I've no photo of Judith to share with you, but you can pass your cursor over the Open Door Records version to see the cover for its other release the same year on the major folk label, Folkways.

Alison Farrell

Alison Farrell x two

Alison Farrell released two albums, "Fine Lines," in 1988 and "Tomboy" in 1994. The delightful "I Enjoy Being A Dyke" came from "Tomboy." Behind her 1994 photo you'll find one from her 1988 release, and please click here for more detail on her first album.

Clare Summerskill

Clare Summerskill CD, "Make It Sound Easy"  Clare Summerskill   Clare Summerskill CD "Feels Like Coming Home"

From her UK site: Clare Summerskill is a Lesbian Comedienne who performs an original cocktail of stand-up and comedy songs to Gay audiences up and down the country. She brings "Dyke" humour to the forefront of alternative comedy.

Kathy Fire: Lesbian Anarchist

Kathy Fire LP    Kathy Fire

Kathy Fire brought us one of the first albums of queer policital songs and her
background includes a performance act called Mother Rage, and an obviously
queer political action group called Dyketactics.
Click to Read a rare article about Kathy Fire

Those Unintentional 60's Lesbian Songs, and More...

Presenting two same-sex demos by Jackie DeShannon, and two by Carole King, a couple 60's commercials, and a double shot of secret love, Lesley Gore style

Jackie DeShannon

Jackie DeShannon  Jackie, Bobby, Kim   Jackie DeShannon

Nestled between the publicity shots of Jackie DeShannon is a movie still I thought quite appropriate. I found it after writing the script and my comment that the first demo of hers that I played sounded like it was intended for Bobby Vee (who was incidentally one of my teenage crushes). Jackie starred with Bobby Vee in the 1967 teen flick "C'Mon, Let's Live A Little," and in the pic to the right is a young Kim Carnes, on who fate would bestow the mega-hit "Bette Davis Eyes" in 1981, written by Jackie DeShannon and Donna Weiss.

Carole King   


Not much description is needed regarding Carole King, one of the finest singers and songwriters of her generation. This show presented her rare demo of the Steven Lawrence 1962 hit "Go Away Little Girl" and the more polished later version of "Hey, Girl," made famous in 1963 by Freddy Scott. "Hey, Girl" appeared on the 1980 collection "Pearl."


Carole King


Commercials -- Dusty & Lesley

Great Shakes 45   Coke 45

Pass your cursor over the covers to see their flip sides.
Both are from 1967 and featured our gals Dusty and Lesley.

Dusty                Lesley

Grace Of My Heart

Below, the soundtrack for the 1996 movie "Grace of My Heart," in which Bridget Fonda (at the mic) portrayed a very closeted lesbian teen singer, but the singing was really dubbed by Miss Lily Banquette. I played a radio ad for the 1968 lesbian-themed movie "The Killing of Sister George." It's poster is shown at right...click on it to enlarge.

   "Grace of My Heart"   Bridget Fonda  Miss Lily Banquette  Killing of Sister George

Judy Fjell

      Fjell pic  Judy Fjell CD, 1993  Fjell pic

Fjell pic  Fjell pic  Fjell pic

Below, three of the many releases from Judy Fjell, from (L to R) 1988, 1991 & 1990

3 by Judy Fjell

Houston Artists Sarah Golden and Nancy Ford

"Truth," by Sarah Golden  Sarah Golden

Sarah Golden, above, released her debut album, "Truth," in 2000 and has a new album due in January. Below, Nancy Ford is known more for her comedy, as host of the weekly New Dyke Show, but her song "I Need a Woman" appeared on the 1995 various artists album "Hand In Hand," which was a project of a Houston Pride event in 1995, called Spectrum, which lost money, hand in hand over fist.

Nancy Ford  "Hand In Hand"

Allison Tartalia

Allison Tartalia's "Ready" CD  Alix, Jamie, Allison, Eve

Above, Allison's Outmusic Award winning CD "Ready," from 2002, and at right a candid shot from the OMAs from 2003, with (L to R) Alix Dobkin, Jamie Anderson, Allison Tartalia, and Eve Sicular. Below, Allison at one of the famous Ed Mannix house concerts, from 2003

Allison in concert


Music by many of the artists heard on QMH can be found at
Goldenrod Music. Please click on the photo to visit their site.