Coming Out Day
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Keith Haring artwork

Lou Reed


Ray Davies

Rod Stewart

Bronski Beat

"Smalltown Boy" originally appeared on the Bronski Beat CD "The Age Of Consent," it's lyrics are to right.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

yes, she is

"Empty Glass" by Pete Townshend

Jallen Rix CD "The Sacred and the Queer"

Jallen Rix

Above, Jallen Rix and his 1995
CD "The Sacred and the Queer"

Meg Hentges

Meg Hentges and her "Brompton's Cocktail" CD

"Brompton's Cocktail" by Meg Hentges

The theme of Coming Out Day this year is "Being Out Rocks." In conjuction with this the Editor of Outsmart Magazine asked me to write an article about queer music that rocks. Well, the writing of the article inspired me to put together a special edition of QMH, to showcase the music featured in the article.Elvis


Sir Elton John

Tom Robinson Band

lyrics to "Smalltown Boy"

Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson of FGTH; (below) Joe Jackson x4. (right) his LP "Night & Day"

4 Joe Jacksons

"Loud Boy Radio" by Barnes

Mark Islam's "The Recent Past"

Scott Free's "The Living Dead" CD

Scott Free

Above, Scott Free appearing at the Sun Music Company in NYC in June.

Come out...

Link to the Outsmart article
as it appeared in print

Playlist :  (airdate Oct 7, 2002)
Diana Ross - i'm coming out (1980)
Elvis Presley - jailhouse rock (1957)
Clovers - love potion #9 (1959)
Lou Reed - walk on the wild side (1972)
Kinks - lola (1970)
Elton John - daniel (1972)
Rod Stewart - killing of georgie (1977)
Tom Robinson Band -glad to be gay (1977)
Bronski Beat - smalltown boy (1984)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - relax (1984)
Joe Jackson - real men (1984)
Melissa Etheridge - come to my window (1993)
Pete Townshend - rough boys (1980)
Barnes interview comments, 2002
Barnes - boy with a secret (1998)
Jallen Rix - i saw jesus down at
    stonewall (1995)
Scott Free interview comments, 2002
Scott Free - not good enough (1999)
Meg Hentges - this kind of love (1999)
Mark Islam interview comments, 2002
Mark Islam - get used to it (1998)
Pansy Division -rock & roll queer bar (1992


Miss Ross


Tom Robinson Band

Jimmy Somerville

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

"Night and Day" by Joe Jackson


Barnes (above) and Mark Islam (below) performed together at The Library in Long Beach in August 2002

Mark Islam

Artist Links:
Melissa Etheridge
Scott Free
Mark Islam
Joe Jackson
Elton John
Holly Johnson
Pansy Division
Lou Reed
Jallen Rix
Tom Robinson
Diana Ross
Jimmy Somerville
Pete Townshend

Pansy Division CD 'Undressed"

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