October 2000
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Playlist: (airdate 10/30/00)
Kristin Lems - how nice (from "In
   The Out Door" and "Gay &
   Straight Together", 1980)
Paula Walowitz - surprise ("Gay
   & Straight Together, 1980)

"Word Is Out" & "Before Stonewall"      sound clips

Jose Sarria - monologue/a good
   man is hard to find ("No
   Camping," Velvet 5003, '60)

Spivy-I brought culture to
   buffalo in the 90s (78rpm,
   Commodore 51, 1939)

Jamie Anderson - wynona, why
   not ("Bad Hair Day," 1993)

Jeff Miller - a little on the leather
   side (unreleased, 2000)

Doug Stevens / Outband-git
   while the gittin's good ("Out In
   The Country," 1993)

Spotlight Segment:
    Matthew Shepard Tribute
Stain'd Glass - matthew 21:22
   ("Family Values," LML Music)
Greg Klyma - human, like you
   (from "In The Meantime")

Garrin Benfield - what you're
   hiding ("Living A Dream," 1999)
Melissa Etheridge - scarecrow
   ("Breakdown," 1999)

Mark & Dean - how many candles
   ("Man Of My Dreams," 1999)

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Artist Links:

Jamie Anderson
Jeff Miller
Doug Stevens
Stain'd Glass
Greg Klyma
Garrin Benfield
Melissa Etheridge
Mark & Dean

Goldenrod Music

Many of recordings heard on
QMH can be purchased at
Goldenrod Music. Please click
on the photo to visit their site.

While not a lesbian, Kristin Lems has contributed
"How Nice" to our culture

Paula Walowitz cassettePaula Walowitz, photo by Toni Armstrong Jr

Above, Paula Walowitz. Below left, "Gay & Straight Together" original issue on
Open Door Records and second pressing on Folkways, both 1980


Gay & Straight Together

"Word Is Out"

Jose Sarria

photo by JD Doyle    

Above left, Jose Sarria at the Night of 1000 Gowns event in NYC in March, 2002. Center is his LP.


Jose Sarria was the first Openly gay candidate for Office in the United States. He ran for the San Francisco
Board of Supervisors in 1961. Above center is his campaign photo. And above left is his biography.

Click for a LOT more info on Jose Sarria
And my Special Interview with Jose

Spivy 78 sets   Spivy


In addition to being a night club entertainer through the 60s she appeared in a number of television shows ("Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Peter Gunn," etc) she appeared in notable movies, like "The Manchurian Candidate" and "All Fall Down." In the latter she had a memorable bar scene.

Click for Much More Spivy

A little bit of queer country, with Jamie, Jeff and Doug

Jamie Anderson's CD "Bad Hair Day"  Jeff Miller    Doug Stevens