November 2013
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Tribute to the San Francisco Band
Buena Vista
of the film "Word Is Out"

Buena Vista was the very Out band in 1977's landmark film "Word Is Out." They captured my
attention then and for years I have wanted to explore, and share, their story and music.
I got help this month from band members Andrew Brown and Richard Dworkin, with
additional help from author Greg Youmans, who wrote a book on the film.

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Buena Vista Gallery, Continued

Part 1 - 61:26
Buena Vista - He's a Rebel (from "Word Is Out," 1978)
Andrew Brown Interview
Richard Dworkin Comments

Buena Vista - He's Okay (1978)
Greg Youmans Comments
Buena Vista - Our Day Will Come (1977, unreleased)
Buena Vista - Make Your Way (1977, unreleased)
Buena Vista - Lovin' Is Really My Game (1978, clip)
Buena Vista - Hot Magazine (1977, unreleased)
Buena Vista - Join Hands jingles (1978)
Buena Vista - Medley: Be My Baby, Hello, Stranger, He's a Rebel (1977, unreleased)