November 2012
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Three special interviews packed into two hours! First, Guy Blackman of Melbourne, Australia, recently
released a CD compilation called "Strong Love." It's dear to my heart as it celebrates
the openly gay music
of 15 male artists or bands from the 1970's.

In the second hour we'll hear from two people I've wanted to interview for many years,
and they both will shed light on the San Francisco of the 1960's, and their roles as major
gay celebrities. Jose Sarria fit a lot of activism and community organizing into his role as
"The Nightingale of Montgomery Street," at the famous Black Cat Cafe, and Michelle was the first
to have had full scale musicals written for her, resulting in a 2-disc recording of one of them.

Part 1 - 58:27
Everyone Involved - A Gay Song (1972)
Guy Blackman Interview (2012)
Chris Robison - Big Strong Man in My Life (~1975)
Steven Grossman - Out (1975)
Robert Campbell - Dreamboy (1977)
Mike Cohen - Evil & Lusty (1973)
Smokey - Strong Love (1976)
Scrumbly & Martin - Hots for a Hustler (1977)
Buena Vista - Hot Magazine (1978)
Tom Robinson - Good To Be Gay (1975)
Charlie Murphy - Gay Spirit (1979)

   Chapter Music

Part 2 - 66:53
Jose Sarria Intro (1962)
Jose Sarria Interview (2012)
"Word Is Out" film clip (1978)
Michelle Interview (2012)
Michelle - excerpt from "Ready or Not, It's Me (1967)
Michelle & the Escorts - Here's to Us (1969)
Jose Sarria - No Camping, Side 2 (1962)




Below, Jose in front of the Black Cat, and you can clearly see
the campaign banner, from November 1961

Above, Special 20-page tribute to Michelle from 1975
Download the PDF

Find Much more on Jose & Michelle in the Galleries

I want to thank the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco, for allowing
me to spend time there researching Jose and other topics this past June.

and, some nice feedback from Guy...

June 2021 New Documentary, with many
of the album's artists