Nov 2009
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Yes, I'm calling this month's QMH "Those Funny Lesbians: A Tribute to Lesbian Comedy." And no, that wasn't the title of the book at the left. It was originally "Lavender Runway," so adapting the graphic was just a stunt to get your attention. Hope it worked...:)

Stay tuned for over four hours as I try to tell the history, with comedy clips and funny songs from the best artists of our culture. I'm delighted my feature interview is with the incomparable Kate Clinton, and also we'll hear from Robin Tyler, Lynn Lavner, Maxine Feldman, Ivy Bottini, Lisa Koch and others.

Part 1 -- 59:36
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Part 2-- 67:03
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Lily Tomlin - Edith Ann on Lesbians (late 1970')
Dos Fallopia - Camp Song (1992)
Harrison & Tyler - Running It (part) (1973)
Robin Tyler - "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom" (1979)
Robin Tyler Interview (2002)
Ivy Bottini - Lesbians/WLM (1976)
Out of the Closet - The Fashion Show (1977)
Alix Dobkin - Amazon ABC (1976)
Lynn Lavner comments (2003)
Lynn Lavner - Butch and Femme (1992)
Lynn Lavner - A Lesbian Too Long (1992)
Lily Tomlin - Doris Gay (late 1970s)
Kate Clinton - from 25th Anniversary Tour DVD (2007)
Kate Clinton Interview (2009)
Sue Fink - Leaping Lesbians (1977)

Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode #1 (2007)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - I Survived a Femme (1994)
Jamie Anderson - Wynona, Why Not (1993)
Jamie Anderson - Six Flags Over Jesus (2004)
Ellen Degeneres - from "Here and Now" (2003)
Georgia Ragsdale - A Huge Ellen Fan (1997)
Rhythm Method - I Met Her on a Sunday (1994)
Ann Reed comments (2002)
Ann Reed - Power Tools (1997)
Suzanne Westenhoefer - Nothing In My Closet (1997)
Bidngi Birds - Irony (1995)
Linda Topp comments (2001)
Topp Twins - Country Music (2005)
Robin Greenspan - Gay Comedy (1999)
Lea DeLaria - Dating Tips for Dykes (1992)
Monica Grant - Boyfriend (1996)
Monica Grant - Shadows on Uuugh (1996)
Phranc - M-a-r-t-i-n-a (live, 1993)
Kate Clinton - from "Making Light" (1982)
Alison Farrell - I Like Being a Dyke (1992)
Indigo Etheridge - Monogamous Slut (2001)
Part 3 -- 68:04
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Part 4 -- 66:45
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Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode #2 (2007)
Suzy Berger - from "Gay From Las Vegas" (1997)
Well Oiled Sisters - It Aint Hard Being Easy (1994)
Ivy Bottini Interview (2009)
Maxine Feldman comments (2002)

Maxine Feldman - Closet Sale (1979)
Judy Fjell - I Was a Teenaged Lesbian (1993)
DykeAppella - Wet Underwear (1998)
DykeAppella - Sit On My Face (2001)
Michele Balin - from "Neurotic by Nature" (1999)
Meg Christian - Ode to a Gym Teacher (1974)
Venus Envy - Beaver Cleaver Fever (1990)
Lisa Koch - You Make My Pants Pound (1995)
Lisa Koch - Hickey (1991)
Lisa Koch comments (2001)
Lisa Koch - I Won't Survive the Festival (2001)
Lisa Koch comments (2007)
Lisa Koch - Back When We Had Sex (2006)
Karen Williams - "Human Beings What a Concept" (1998)
Yer Girlfriend - Lez Be Bop (1993)

Clare Summerskill - Obvious Dyke (1999)
Clare Summerskill - Wedding Bells (2007)
Jamie Anderson - I Wanna Be a Straight Guy (1999)
Judy Small - Lesbian Chic (1999)
Hunter Davis & Cris Williamson - Arm and a Leg (1988)
Amy Boyd - Logo's One Night Stand (2008)
Ember Swift - Boinked (the Bride) (2002)
Elvira Kurt - from "Kitten With a Wit" (1999)
Susan Unger - Let's All Be Gay (2004)
Judith Carsello - Lezzie Queer (1981)
Anne Seale - Women, Womyn, Wimmin (1991)
Estrogen - Lesbian Time (2001)
Mara Levi - Homo Song (2006)
Wanda Sykes - Gay Marriage (2007)
Wanda Sykes - Las Vegas Speech (2008)
Portland Lesbian Choir - The Way I Want to Touch You (1992)
Therapy Sisters - I Need a Stalker (2002)
Derivative Duo - Eine Kleine Visit (1993)
Team Gina - Butch/Femme (2006)
Gretchen Phillips comments (2005)
Two Nice Girls - I Spent My Last $10 (1990)

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Bonus Features:
Kate Clinton Discography
Robin Tyler Discography

My Feature Interview Guest: Kate Clinton

And Special Guest, Comedy Pioneer and Activist, Ivy Bottini


Many of these artists have been featured on earlier QMH show, click for their interviews

Jamie Anderson
Alix Dobkin
Maxine Feldman
Lynn Lavner
Judy Small
Topp Twins
Robin Tyler

And you may want to track down the above CD, though I did not happen to use it in my show