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This month on QMH I have a special show I call Gay-o de Mayo, on which I'm playing three hours
of songs by LGBT artists sung in Spanish. No, I don't speak Spanish but hey, I'm bringing you
the music anyway. So, enjoy while I gamely butcher the pronunciation of the artist names and titles.


Part 1 - 59:25
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca (1999)
Christián Chávez - Libertad (2011)
Christián Chávez & RBD - Qué Fue de Amor (2008)
Gore Gore Gays - Es Mi Hombre (2009)
Chabela Vargas - Macorina (1996)
Chabela Vargas - La Llorona (2003)
Juan Gabriel - Lágrimas y Lluvia (1996)
Holly Near & Inti-Illimani - Te Doy Una Cancion (1983)
Sonia & Disappear Fear - Cayendo (2007)
Flirtations - Santa Maria / Donde Está Dolores (1990, 1991)
Boy from Oz soundtrack (Peru) - I Honestly Love You / I Go to Rio (2013)
Christian Castro - No Podrás (1992)
Alex Anwandter - Rebeldes (2014)
Gloria Trevi - Todos Me Miran (2006)
Sandra Mihanovich - I Am What I Am (1984)

Part 2 - 56:52
Jade Esteban Estrada - Bella Morena (2000)
Ezra Axelrod - Fútbol y Mangos (2012)
El Vez - En El Barrio (2005)
Mark Weigle - Pañuelos Blancos Los Jueves (2005)
Pierrot - Yo Soy Gay / Homosexual (1978)
La Prohibita - Flash (2006)
Vanity Bear - La Noche No Es Para Mi (2010)
Girl in a Coma - Ven Cerca (2009)
Burning Nopal - Tus Ojos (2013)
Irene Farrera - Soy de Ti (1999)
Izquierda - Gracias a la Vida (1979)
Erika Luckett - Siete Rios (2005)
Naked Boys Singing - Gratuitos Nudity (2004)

Part 3 - 58:28
Bibi Andersen - I'm Into Something Good (1980)
Kumbia Queers - Daniela (2010)
Kumbia Queers - La Isla Con Chicas (2007)
La Casa Azul - La Revolución Sexual (2008)
Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán - María y Amaranta (1974)
Mecano - Mujer Contra Mujer (1989)
Matérial Prima - Eva y María (2004)
Dalila - Amor Entre Mujeres (2004)
Alaska y Dinarama - ¿A Quien le Importa? (2002)
Tam Tam Go - Manuel Raquel (1988)
Fedro - Solo un Día (2010)
Oscar de la Rosa - Asi Es Amar (2011)
Christián Chávez - En Dondes Estas (2010)
Gloria Trevi - Cinco Minutos (2008)
Ricky Martin & Miquel Bosé - Bambu (2008)


Some comments: I compiled this list from what I had in my own collection, plus suggestions from a
number of folks who responded to a request on my Facebook wall. (Thank you John Nechman,
Angie Moreno and many others). Thanks to Margaret Frimoth in Oregon for sending me the
Irene Farrera sound file; just did not want to leave that song out. And Sara Fernandez may not
want to own up to it (depending on how well I did), but she helped guide me on pronunciation,
though I am a gringo from Ohio so she did not have much to work with. For a number of titles
I just found them by google research, so there may be some that are not actually by LGBT artists,
though they do deal with gay subject was hard to tell the difference in the descriptions.