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Michael Callen AIDS Work
(First presented as a QMH Blog entry, 4/11/13)

Today, April 11, is the anniversary of the birth of Michael Callen (April 11, 1955 - December 27, 1993)
and I am usually shouting from the rooftops about his exquisite voice and the profound talent he
shared with us in the songs he wrote and recorded. I will leave that for my May radio show, a very
special edition, a Michael Callen Tribute.

I love that this entire booklet can be read on the website for Richard Berkowitz.

There is also a two-part interview video on Youtube with Callen and Berkowitz:

There is much more that you can find by searching Youtube and the internet.

He was also a frequent guest on television talk shows during those early years of the AIDS epidemic, and wrote numerous articles. Many of those articles by him, and others, were compiled in 1988 in the book "Surviving and Thriving with AIDS," and in 1990 when his own book, "Surviving AIDS" appeared. He also edited Volume 2.

Thanks to the Pacifica Archives, a 68-minute interview with Michael Callen,
done by David Rothenberg in 1988, can be streamed in entirety at this link,
and I much recommend it.

Also in 1988 Michael's talk before the National Conference on AIDS was captured and released
on a cassette tape. That 62-minute talk can be heard here. Both of these interviews and talks
provide an amazing insight into the thinking about AIDS in the late 1980's.

Below, AMFAR poster including Michael

And, well, you knew I could not do an entire blog entry without music....if you listen to the entire
1988 Conference tape, you can hear Michael near the end introduce the song "Healing Power of Love,"
although the song is not actually included on the recording. I've set up a two-minute excerpt with a
short section from the beginning of the talk, and then the song intro, so you can hear it here.
And then listen to this live video from 1989 of Michael singing the song. A special treat of the
performance is to see co-writer Marsha Malamet at the piano.