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Nan Blakstone

Photos of Nan Blakstone (or Blackstone) are fairly rare






Above, review from Billboard, November 1946; and New York Times obituary, 9/25/51

Below, money troubles, Billboard articles from September and October 1948

below, 1942


Above & Below, Melody Lounge table card



Below left, unidentified newspaper pic, June 1930; below right, Billboard ad for Gala Records


Below, 1942 ad from "Band Year Book"

7" Box Set, with its three 45s shown below

1016 & 1018 were on the same disc

The brown areas of the labels are felt that someone glued to them, perhaps to make them play better without sliding...

Below, Jubilee LP, circa 1957.....Neither Fiske nor Blackstone is shown on the cover...

Note: Blakstone was a straight artist, so is lesser priority to me for collecting. But due to
her close associations with many Pansy Craze artists, I share here what information I have.