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Research Links

Discography information can be found on the wonderful website,
Where the following artists are represented: Nan Blakstone, Ray Bourbon,
Dwight Fiske, Bruz Fletcher, Beatrice Lillie, John Ryan and Spivy.

And, now (Jan 2020) the link is gone, which is exactly why I saved it as a PDF
Hensteeth Ray Bourbon Data

Downloadable, and free, MP3 files of some of these artists:

Ray Bourbon 78s

Ray Bourbon index

Nan Blackstone

Dwight Fiske

For info on Bruz Fletcher: start and end your search on Tyler Alpern's site, he wrote the book.

For Ray Bourbon, you must see Randy Riddle's site. and his newer one

Brooks Peters has an excellent bio of Kary Norman, Here

and lastly,

Charles Cage was been a friend and mentor to me for years with regard to the
music history of this period. Please visit his own terrific site, Dragstravganza.