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April 2020

Fred Barnes
Had I known about (or had the sound file)
when I did my May 2010 show, he may have been included.

See bio from the Matt & Andrej Koymasky site

And this book does a pretty good job

It’s a queer, queer world that we live in,
And Dame Fortune plays a funny game
Some get all sunshine,
Others get the shade

I don’t know why,
But since I was born
A scapegrace I have been
Ever since I was a tiny kid at school
A name has stuck to me

I’m the black, black sheep of the family
Everybody runs me down
People shake their heads at me
Say I’m a disgrace to society

But I’ll try my luck in the colonies
There I’ll rise or fall
And when I come back
The sheep that was black
Will perhaps be the whitest of them all

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Christopher Green's show about Barnes

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