May 2009
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I "borrowed" the above graphic right from the site of Karen Kane, as it really captures what this month's show is about. Did you ever wonder what a producer or engineer on an album really does, and what the difference is? Well, I'm one of those folks who pay attention to liner notes, and a name that kept coming up again and again in recordings in my collection is Karen Kane.

She's both a producer and an engineer and has had over 200 album credits, and countless live shows, in her career. She's been at it for more than 33 years, doing her work in Boston, Canada and now North Carolina. She's worked with a lot of artists dear to my heart and we talk about many of them as well as the work itself. I'm very pleased to share with you this interview with Karen Kane.

"Walls to Roses" 1979"Jade & Sarsaparilla" 1976Lilith "Boston Ride" 1978Maxine Feldman "Closet Sale" 1979

Kay Gardner "Rainbow Path" 1984

The Fabulous Dyketones "Live in P-Town"  1988

Someone's Sister "Calm in the Chaos"  2009

Bright Morning Star "Arisin'" 1981

Fred Small "No Limit" 1985

Susan Graetz "Somewhere Between" 1984

Various Artists "For Therese - The Music of Therese Edell"  1990

Wishing Chair "Singing With the Red Wolves"  1996


Part 1 - Airdate May 25 - 58:00 min
Charlie Murphy - Gay Spirit (1979)
Jade & Sarsaparilla - She's That Kind of Woman (1976)
Lilith - Boston Ride (1978)
Maxine Feldman - Amazon (1979)
Kay Gardner - Awakening (1984)
Alix Dobkin - Yahoo Australia (1990)
Fabulous Dyketones - Sixteen Candles (1988)
Janis Ian - Hunger (1999)
Someone's Sister - Free (2009, before & after)
Anna Gutmanis - I Am Who I Am (2008)

Part 2 - 68:03 min
Marcia Taylor - Solid Ground (1983)
Joanna Cazden - Sunny Winter (1977)
Bright Morning Star - Vine & Fig Tree (1981)
Charlie King - George's Trip (1979)
Fred Small - Everything Possible (1985)
Nancy Tucker - Heaven Is Gaining Altitude (1983)
Susan Graetz - More Pretty Girls Than One (1984)
Suede - The Ones Who Aren't Here (1988)
Muse - Cincinnati's Women's Choir
     - Good Friends Are the Best (1990)
Yagottawanna - Moonflower (1993)
Wishing Chair - Sometimes (1996)
Ember Swift - Quickly (1999)
Vicki Blankenship - Feels Good Home (2005)
Alix Olson - Bedtime Poem (2003)
Amy Lashley - 1 + 1 (2008, before & after)
Fred Small - Annie (1991)

Karen at the console

Jane Field with Karen, from Maxine Feldman LP  back cover, 1979

Maxine Feldman & Karen, circa 1979

Karen on Bright Morning Star LP back cover,  1981

Karen with Laura Byrd, July 2008

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Alix Dobkin "Yahoo Australia"  1990

"NWMF Silver" 1999

Anna Gutmanis "I Am Who I Am" 2008

Joanna Gazden "Hatching" 1977

Charlie King "Vaguely Reminiscent" 1979

Nancy Tucker "A Little Stronger" 1983

Suede "Easily Suede" 1988

Yagottawanns "Live!" 1993

Ember Swift "Permanent Marker"  1999

Vicki Blankenship "Horizons" 2005Alix Olson "Independence Meal"  2003Amy Lashley "For What It's Worth" 2008Fred Small "The Heart of the  Appaloosa" 1991


Karen, at the console               Karen, at a CD release party

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