3 Teens Kill 4

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The band was 3/5th gay....:) Brian Butterick found his/her own fame...
the paragraph below is from

He became Hattie Hathaway...

Brian Butterick / Hattie Hathaway

"Beginning with her roles as co-founder of the seminal post-punk band 3 Teens Kill 4 (1980) and the legendary
New York City nightspot The Pyramid Club (1981-89), performing and producing at such theatrical venues as
LaMama ETC and PS 122, Hattie Hathaway has been writing, producing, and performing on the East Coast for
over 20 years. As a music promoter, she helped debut such acts as Dee-lite, RuPaul, Dean Johnson, and
The Red Hot Chile Peppers. Ms Hathaway was a founder of Wigstock, a co-producer of the weekly Meat Market
boite, Jackie 60, is currently co-director of The Downtown Costume Institute, a traveling museum of nightlife's
alternative fashion, and most recently, co-wrote and produced Mein Kamp: The Adolf Shicklgruber Story for
the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2000."

And David Wojnarowicz probably achieved the most fame, but in a different arena, art.

"From his first gallery exhibition in 1980 to his death in 1992, David Wojnarowicz blazed a trail
in the art world that continues to invite commentary"....see this link and this one

David Wojnarowicz