May 2005
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Exclusive Interviews with

Mary Gauthier and Jesse Hultberg

Playlist         (airdate May 23, 2005)
Mary Gauthier - The Ways of the World (1997)
3 Teens Kill 4 - Tell Me Something Good (1982)
Finger Lakes Trio - YMCA (1990)
Jesse Hultberg - My Friend Wants a Baby (1994)
Jesse Hultberg - If I Can't Have You (1994)
Jesse Hultberg - Constant Thing (I Was
     Raised a Straight Boy) (1994)
Jesse Hultberg - Slipping Quickly Into Oblivion (1994)
Mary Gauthier - Different Kind of Gone (1999)
Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens In Limousines (1999)
Mary Gauthier - I Drink (2005)
Mary Gauthier - Goddamn HIV (1997)
Mary Gauthier - Evangeline (1999)
Mary Gauthier - Sugar Cane (2002)
Mary Gauthier - Empty Spaces (2005)
Mary Gauthier - Falling Out of Love (2005)
Mary Gauthier - Prayer Without Words (2005)
Mary Gauthier - It Ain't the Wind, It's the Rain (2005)
Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now (2005)

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Above, Jesse (standing) with 3TK4, 1982

Jesse Hultberg

Click to see more 3TK4

In 1994 Jesse Hultberg released his self-titled solo album and it's become one of my favorite singer/songwriter albums of our culture. It took me several years to track him down for tonight's interview, as he moved to Paris about six years ago and pretty much dropped out of the music scene. When I did find him my additional research revealed other sides of his career I would have not expected.

3 TK 4 pin

In 1982 he was in a group that I've seen described as "post-punk," and with the eye-catching name of 3 Teens Kill 4. Their "No Motive" album is quite rare, and you can click on the cover above to see a large-scale blow-up of the back side, complete with lyrics and pics, and more.


Longtime Companion

I was surprised to learn the Jesse appeared in the 1990 movie "Longtime Companion," with an act he was in called The Finger Lakes Trio. In the movie he sang lead on a chamber-music version of "YMCA"

Jesse, in the Finger Lakes Trio

Jesse, in the Finger Lakes Trio

"Jesse Hultberg" the CD

gray-scale Jesse, from inside CD book

and, left, the album...and underneath it, his CD single of his wonderful version of "If I Can't Have You," plus two more tracks

lyrics   CD single, never commercially available

above, the lyrics to my favorite track from the album, "Constant Thing (I Was Raised a Straight Boy)." Yes, you can tell I love this recording...I've got the CD single, the cassette, and two different pressings of the CD...pass your cursor over the back cover to see the color variation, and slightly different text


And, what's Jesse look like today? He was gracious enough to send me these
vacation pics from last year, taken in Biarritz, on the south of France.

Jesse Hultberg, 2004

Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier has been charming the critics since her 1997 debut release, "Dixie Kitchen," and its follow-up, "Drag Queens In Limousines" (1999) won her a GLAMA award for Best Country Recording.

She took up music much later than most, at age 35, but the road to get there was a rough one and you can hear the pain and heartache she waded through in her songs.

A quick bio makes her sound the subject for a Lifetime Movie of the Week:  she grew up a wild child, raised by adoptive parents in Louisiana. She stole their car at age 15 and ran away from home. She spent her 18th birthday in jail, moved away again and stayed with some drag queen friends for about a year, dealing with life with the help of booze and pills. Through all that she studied philosophy at LSU, then attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and founded Boston's first Cajun restaurant, still drinking all the way. She started the restaurant in 1990 and ran it for about ten years, and during that time she sobered up and started writing songs, and then performing at open mics, and in 1997 she released her first album, "Dixie Kitchen." Gradually she wanted to write more than she wanted to cook, so she got her business partners to buy her out, and used the money to make her second album, "Drag Queens in Limousines," released in 1999. "Filth & Fire" came along in 2002 and now (she just gets better and better) in early 2005 she's released "Mercy Now."


I didn't meet her at the 2000 GLAMAs, but did snap her photo when she picked up her award.


More on Mary Gauthier............that's "go-shay"

Puremusic Interview    

 Westcoast Music CD Review

Goldenrod Music
Goldenrod Music (if you click
on the link, and then buy a CD
I get a cut...hey, do you think
this website is cheap?...:) Yes, they carry Mary's albums.

below, I finally got to see Mary perform, and meet her afterwards, in April of 2004, in Houston at McGonigel's Mucky odd name, but a wonderful music venue, where I've also seen Janis Ian, Catie Curtis, Sonia and Zrazy

4/15/04, at the Mucky Ducky

Below, got to see Mary again at the Mucky Duck, Feb 8, 2006, another great show

JD & Mary