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Like many, I was deeply moved by the tragedy of the death of Matthew Shepard, and as music
is so important to me, it was natural for me to collect songs inspired by Matthew's death.
This section of my site
shares them with you.

Matthew Shepard
12/1/76 -- 10/12/98

I don't claim that my research has uncovered every song about Matthew Shepard that has been recorded, so if you have information on any (and hopefully a way of my getting the music or recordings), I'd love it! Please email me.

And, some of the songs listed here are more relevant than others. Some may make only a passing reference, but there is certainly a variety of musical styles represented.

Click the note to hear part or all of the song.
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My October 2000 Queer Music Heritage show included a segment on Matthew Shepard Tribute Songs. Click to go there.

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Songs by 62 different artists, alphabetical by artist
A Balladeer
"Poster Child" 4:48
from "Where Are You, Bambi Woods?"
(CD, Dutch band, 2008)
For Those Who Stand compilation Against The Wall
"Matthew Shepard" 2:51
from "For Those Who Stand" (various artists)
(Tear It Down Records CD, 2001)
Kevin Allred's "Gasping for Breath" Kevin Allred
"Maybe An Angel"
from "Gasping for Breath"
(Gutter Folk CD 002, 2003)
Kevin Allred
Aluminum Group's "MoreHappyness" Aluminum Group
from "MoreHappyness"
(Wishing Tree WTR-020, 2003)
(slight reference)
John & Frank Navin
Aaron Angello's "Sweet Abandoning" Aaron Angello
"The American Dream" 4:50
from "Sweet Abandoning"
(Aanco Records CD 701, 2001)
Aaron Angello
Geoff Baker site Geoff Baker
from "Patriot Acts" EP
(private release, 2004)
"Know the Rain Here" CD
Tim Baldwin site Tim Baldwin
"Wyoming Skies" 3:05
from "Full Circle Round"
(MP3.com CD 66946, 1999)
Garrin Benfield's "Living A Dream" Garrin Benfield
"What You're Hiding" 3:55
from "Living A Dream"
(Eighth Note CD 002, 1999)
nominated for GLAMA for Out Recording for 1999
Garrin Benfield
Black Kali Ma's "You Ride the Pony..." Black Kali Ma
"Movin' On"
from "You Ride the Pony, I'll Be the Bunny"
(Virus CD 237, 2000)
(lead singer Gary Floyd shown at right)
Gary Floyd
The Blamed -- "Forever" The Blamed
"Pistol Whipped"
from "Forever"
(Grrr Records CD, 1999)
(Christian punk)

The Blamed
Larry Block
"Song for Matthew"
from "Losing Town"
(Camp Out CD, 2006)
no site data available Blue Room
"Matt Shepard"
from "Decay of Hope"
(Creekwood Diode Records, 1999)
experimental, live version
Hugh Blumenfeld's "Mr Jekyll & Dr Hyde" Hugh Blumenfeld
"Laramie (Song for Matthew Shepard)"
from "Mr. Jekyll & Dr. Hyde"
(MP3.com CD 23499, 2000)
Hugh Blumenfeld
Easter Bradford James Bradford
"Scarecrow Song"
Easter Bradford 3:33
from "Mnemosyne's Lounge"
(private release, 3:33, 2000)
Peter Stone Brown site Peter Stone Brown
"They Beat Him to Death in Wyoming"
3 versions, all unreleased, 1999:
solo acoustic home tape 
, acoustic/electric , full band
3:39, 4:26, 5:43
Peter Stone Brown
Ryan Cassata
"Hands of Hate"
remembering Shepard and several others
YouTube Video, 2012
Clark Carlton's "Saltwater" Clark Carlton
"Matthew" 4:00
from "Saltwater"
(privately released, 2001)
Clark Carlton
Dave Crossland's "Field of Promises" Dave Crossland
"Matthew Shepard"
from "Field of Promises"
(Appleseed CD 1037, 2000)
2 versions:  band , 5:17, acoustic 5:25
Dave Crossland
David Del Tredici's "Secret Music--A Songbook" David Del Tredici
"Matthew Shepard"
from "Secret Music--A Songbook"
(Composers Recordings CD 878, 2001, classical)
David Del Tredici
Randi Driscoll's CD single "What Matters" Randi Driscoll - "What Matters" 5:28
benefit CD single for the
Matthew Shepard Foundation
(East River Records 53104, 1999)
comment by Judy Shepard on song
Judy Shepard & Randi Driscoll
Randi Driscoll
Melissa Etheridge's "Breakdown" Melissa Etheridge
"Scarecrow" 5:14
from "Breakdown"
(Island CD 31456608, 1999)
winner of GLAMA for Out Recording in 1999
Melissa Etheridge

Steven Gellman
"Things We Don't Understand"
Hear it... 4:27
from "Peaceful World"

Good Riddance
Hear it... 0:30
from "Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit"
(Fat Wreck Chords CD, 2001, punk)

Ricky Ian Gordon
"Home of the Brave"
Hear it... 6:39
originally recorded 1998, available now on the 2010 CD "The Horse With Wings" (Blue Griffin Records)


Michael Gott
"Matthew and James"
Hear it... 4:44
from "Love Can Move the World"
(with James being James Byrd, privately released, 2002)
no site data available Grace1
"Crucify (Song for Matthew Shepard)" 3:36
unreleased, from MP3.com, 2000
Randy Granger Randy Granger
"Fly On High"
Hear it... 4:54
from "Apostacy"
(privately released, 2001)
Randy Granger
Arjuna Greist site Arjuna Greist
"Song for Matthew" Hear it... 3:04
from "Odd Numbers"
(Apple Fall CD 001, 2003)
A Bike Called Greasy The Haggard
"For Matthew Shepard"
from "A Bike Called Greasy"
duo: Emily Kingan & STS
(Mr. Lady CD 13, 2000)
the song also appears on the EP "I've Been Sick"
Emily Kingan & STS
Hamell On Trial's "Tough Love" Hamell On Trial
from "Tough Love"
(Righteous Babe Records, 2003)
(also about Brandon Tina & Brian Deneke)
Ed Hamell
Fred Hersch site Fred Hersch, etal
"Out Someplace (Blues for Matthew Shepard)"

Focus (Fred Hersch, Michael Moore, Gerry      Hemingway), jazz instrumental
"Thirteen Ways" (Palmetto CD, 2000)
Fred Hersch
another Fred Hersch site also found on:
Fred Hersch, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, Paul      Clarvis
"4 In Perspective" (Village Life 00909, 2000)
Fred Hersch
Kristian Hoffman's "&" Kristian Hoffman
"Scarecrow" (duet with Rufus Wainwright)
from "&"
(Eggbert Records 80032, 2002)
Kristian Hoffman
Thea Hopkins "Birds of Mystery" Thea Hopkins
"Jesus Is On The Wire"
from "Birds of Mystery"
(privately released, 2001)
song is about both Matthew Shepard & James Byrd
Thea Hopkins
Brian Houston
"Ballad of Matthew Shepard"
from "Sugar Queen"
(privately released, 2006, Belfast, Ireland)
Magdalen Hsu-Li's "Fire" Magdalen Hsu-Li
from "Fire"
(Chickpop CD 004, 2001)
Magdalen Hsu-Li
Janis Ian's "Billie's Bones" Janis Ian
from "Billie's Bones"
(Ohboy Records CD 029, 2003)
Janis Ian
Mike James
"Scarecrow" 3:38
from "Right Alligned"
(MP3.com CD 32360, 2000)
Mike James
Darthe Jennings' "Lessons of the Heart" Darthe Jennings
"Way to Laramie"
from "Lessons of the Heart"
(privately released, 1999)
Darthe Jennings
Elton John's "Songs from the West Coast" Elton John
"American Triangle" 4:58
from "Songs from the West Coast"
(Rocket CD 63302, 2001, with Rufus Wainwright)
also: unreleased version, live from Italy, 2001 Live in Italy
Elton John
Kathy with a K Kathy with a "K"
"All I Wanted"
unreleased, 2003, background vocals and second
lead vocal by the MCC Charleston SC Singers
(song not on CD shown; click for info on video project)
Kathy with a K
Peter Katz
"The Fence (Matthew Shepards's Song" 5:18
from "First of the Last to Know"
(privately released, 2010)
Charlie King & Karen Brandow -- "I Struck Gold" Charlie King
"Tinky Winky" 3:36
from "I Struck Gold," with Karen Brandow
(Appleseed CD 1050, 2001)
his 1995 album
Greg Klyma's "In the Meantime" Greg Klyma
"Human, Like You"
from "In the Meantime"
(Homemade Pie Records 012, 2001)
Greg Klyma
Heather Lev's "Reason for Rain" CD Heather Lev
"Matthew Shepard"
from "Reason for Rain"
(privately released, 2000)
Heather Lev
Becky MacMurray
"Betrayal" (4:51)
"He Touches Me" (3:05)

demos, written for a college production of
"The Laramie Project" (2008)
Mark & Dean's "Man of My Dreams" Mark & Dean
"How Many Candles" 6:08
from "Man of My Dreams"
(Halogen CD 52126, 2000)
Dean & Mark
"That Ain't Right"
from "Hope"
(hip hop, very brief mention, Lex Records CD, 2006)
Peter, Paul & Mary CD "In These Times" Peter, Paul & Mary
"Jesus Is On The Wire"
from "In These Times"
(Warner Brothers, 2004)
Thea Hopkins song
Peter, Paul & Mary
Protest the Hero (aka PTH)
"Fear and Loathing in Laramie"
from "A Calculated Use of Sound"
(Underground Operations CD EP, 2003, punk)
Amy Ray's "Stag" Amy Ray
from "Stag"

(Daemon CD 19030, 2001)
Amy Ray, of the Indigo GIrls
Ron Sexsmith's "Cobblestone Runway" Ron Sexsmith
"God Loves Everyone"
part, 1:02
from "Cobblestone Runway"
(Nettwerk Records CD, 2002)
Ron Sexsmith
Colleen Sexton's "Colleen Sexton Live" CD Colleen Sexton
from "Colleen Sexton Live"
(Crescent CD 6573, 2001)
Colleen Sexton
Kyle Shiver's "Gypsy Boy" Kyle Shiver
"Matthew Shepard" 4:17
from "Gypsy Boy"
(HC CD 003, 2001)
Kyle Shiver
no site data available Speed Nuts
"Matthew Shepard"
punk, unreleased, 2000, band version , 1:50; live version
Andrew Spice CD "Pretty Demons" Andrew Spice
from "Pretty Demons"
(AAA CD 01, 2002)
Andrew Spice
Stain'd Glass CD "Family Values" Stain'd Glass
"Matthew 21:21"
from "Family Values"
(LML Music CD 119, 2000)
Stain'd Glass is Steven Kerry
Steven Kerry
Heather T. Strong Heather T. Strong
"The Shepard"
unreleased, from MP3.com, 2000
Heather T. Strong
http://www.indecisionrecords.com/bands/suicidefile.html Suicide File
from "Twilight"
(Indecision Records CD, 2002, punk)
This Ship Will Sink
"Dear Matthew" (no clip or artist pic)
from "This Ship Will Sink"
(Waking Records CD EP, 2004, punk)
Thursday's "War All the Time"
"M. Shepard"
part, 0:30
from "War All the Time"
(Island Records, 2003)
"And Sadness Will Sear"

from "The Crusade"
(Roadrunner Records, 2006)
Twist of Faith CD, no site data available Twist of Faith
from "Twist of Faith"
(MP3.com CD 77948, 2001)
Jessica Weiser's "After Silence" CD Jessica Weiser
"After the Rain" 4:15
from "After Silence"
Jessica Weiser
The Laramie Project soundtrack

"The Laramie Project"
HBO TV movie soundtrack, 2002, not commercially released,
with various artists songs, only one original for this purpose,
"After Laramie" by Orchestra of St. Luke's 2:21

Judy Shepard Public Service Announcement #1
Judy Shepard PSA #2

Dennis Shepard -- two quotes, 1998
Judy Shepard
Dennis Shepard


Matthew Shepard Foundation

Click the image for a video that includes Matthew, from 1996

At another website I found this description of the video:

There’s very little video of Matthew Shepard, this is the only one I’ve ever seen. It comes from a documentary called “Dear Jesse”, which is about Jesse Helms. This is such a case of chance; just by coincidence, when Tim Kirkman, the director, was interviewing students, Matthew happened to be one of them. At the time, he was just an average guy, and there was no way to know how significant he would become posthumously in our movement.

And below is a 2012 video, very well done by the SFGMC.