March 2003
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Mark Weigle


Mark Weigle - jimmy / 867-5309

Camp Records
weekend of a hairdresser (1963)
i'd rather fight than swish (1963)
i'd rather swish than fight (1963)
homer the happy little homo('64)
mad about the boy medley ('65)

Special Feature Interview:
Lynn Lavner
a lesbian too long (1992)
something different (1983)
such fine young men (1986)
a mother's lament (1986)
first dyke on dynasty (1986)

Erasure - walking in the rain (2003)


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Vince Clark & Andy Bell


Mark Weigle & Erasure provide the cover version bookends for this show

"Out of the Loop" by Mark Weigle

"Other's People's Songs" by Erasure

  At left is Mark's latest album, "Out of the Loop," from 2002. The song "Jimmy" is a cover version of Tommy Tutone's 1980 hit "867-5309/Jenny" and is from Mark's upcoming CD of all cover versions, to be released in late Spring. It's called "Different and the Same." I'm sure looking forward to it.

Camp Records was the unknown gay record label of the early 60s, an underground label that released two albums and ten 45s of Very gay material. For tonight's show I could only give you a sampling, but I've set up a special section of my website as a tribute to the label. So, please check it out by clicking on the labels.

The Queen Is In The ClosetI'd Rather Fight Than SwishHomer the Happy Little HomoMad About The Boy

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Lavner recording collage

Lynn Lavner is one of our musical and comedy pioneers. She's been billed as America's most politically incorrect entertainer, and she's been bringing her special brand of humor and cabaret music to us since 1981. I've got so much information on her that I want to share, that I've set up a separate page for it, so, click here for my Lynn Lavner Tribute Page.

And, our telephone interview contained so many interesting comments. Time did not permit me to air all of it during the show, as I had to edit in room for some of her songs, but you can hear the entire 35 minute interview by clicking on the piano keys.