March 2002
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Aussie Special

Vicki Bennett

Vicki Bennett (above) appeared
On the 1994 various artists CD "More Than A Pretty Face."
In 2002 she formed a new group, The Standard Deviations, and can be heard on the CD, "Belle Curve."
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Playlist (airdate 3/25/02)
Gay Liberation Quire - festival of light (1981)
Vicki Bennett - coming out blues    (1994)
Lavender Blues - lavender blues
Interview with Nikki Mortier of
   the Lavender Blues (2002)
Lavender Blues - lesbian nation
Peter Hicks Interview (2002)
Peter Hicks - the man with the
Pink triangle (1993)
Peter Hicks - stonewall '69    (1993)
Judy Small Interview (2002)
Judy Small - country town gaytime blues
Judy Small - influenced by queers
Judy Small - let the rainbow shine
   (all songs from 1999)

"More Than a Pretty Face" various artists CD, 1994

Vicki Bennett

The Lavender Blues LP was the first openly gay/lesbian LP in Australia, 1978.


Above, the Gay Liberation Quire

See More on the GLQ

"The Bottom Line" CD    Peter Hicks 1993 cassette    Peter Hicks CD "The Times We've Been Through

One of Australia's finest folksingers is Peter Hicks, whose 1993 tape
provided the songs for this special, and he has two excellent CDs

Judy Small

Judy Small has been called one of Australia's treasures. The music for this show came from her latest release, the totally Out "Let The Rainbow Shine," from 1999.




My Judy Small Discography

Judy Small Press Kit, 1985