Part 1 - 57:48
Danny Elfman - Harvey's Theme (from "Milk" Soundtrack)
Mark Isham - The Times of Harvey Milk (1985)
Zoe Lewis - Harvey (1998)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Thou, Lord, Our Refuge
Joan Baez - Amazing Grace (2006)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Amazing Grace (2008)
Romanovsky & Phillips - Homophobia (1986)
Ron Romanovsky & Paul Phillips Comments (2003)
Neil Aaron Comments (2010)
Neil Aaron - Harvey (2008)
The Harvey Milk Show - We the People (1996)
Harvey Milk Opera: A Street Campaign (1996)
Rick Cresswell of Queer Conscience Comments (2010)
Queer Conscience - Harvey (The Ballad of Harvey Milk)
Causecast - Give 'Em Hope Speech (2008)
Tim Cain Comments (2010)
Boys' Entrance - Give 'Em Hope (2010, world premiere)
Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus - We the People (1992)
Atlanta Feminist Women's Chorus - Young Man (1992)
Holly Near Comments (2009)
Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert - Singing For Our Lives (1983)

Part 2 - 61:46
Frustrated Housewives - Believe (1999)
Stars of Sunday League - Harvey Milk (2009)
Bob A Feldman - Ballad of Harvey Milk (early 80s)
Art Peterson - Twinkie Insanity (1979)
MonDellos - White Riot Night (1979)
Ken Clarke & the Clarke Tones - The Epic of Dan White
Brain Damage - Kill Dan White (1979)
Lenny Anderson - The Ballad of Dan White (live, 1983)
The Choral Majority - I'm Dreaming of Dan White's      Christmas (live, 1983)
The Choral Majority - Were You There When They      Murdered Harvey Milk (live, 1982)
Inverted Triangle - White Night Riot (1984)
Dead Kennedys - I Fought the Law (1984)
Christ on a Crutch - Song for a Slab of Pork (1991)
Blue Gene Tyranny - Harvey Milk (Portrait) (1980)
Pamela Stanley - Coming Out of Hiding (1984) (BJ Mix)

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  Many images have others behind them 


"Milk" soundtrack, 2008Danny Elfman

Above, Danny Elfman composed the music for the movie "Milk" (and many others), and Mark Isham (below) did so for the 1985 film "Times of Harvey Milk." Below, Zoe Lewis' CD and lyrics.

Mark Isham releases  Zoe Lewis CD  


On the evening of the deaths the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, in their first
performance, sang "Thou Lord Our Refuge," and Joan Baez sang "Amazing Grace"

Joan Baez

R&P CD  Neil Aaron 

Romanovsky & Phillips' song "Homophobia" mentioned Harvey Milk, and after acting as an extra in the movie "Milk," Neil Aaron was inspired to write his own "Harvey" song. It's not on his debut album above, but can be heard on his myspace page. Lyrics for both songs are below.

"Homophobia" lyrics


"The Harvey Milk Show" musical, and "Harvey Milk," the opera were both recorded in 1996



The Queer Conscience song "Harvey (The Ballad of Harvey Milk" is from their third recording, "Back to the Other World?" from 1993. Check out my interview with them on my March 2010 QMH show. See below for their lyrics and also those by Tim Cain, of Boys' Entrance.


This is the first time a song has been written and recorded especially for QMH, and I am very pleased and honored. Thanks to Tim Cain of Boys' Entrance for the lyrics and Brett Alan Basil of Pink Sheep for the music. Cover art for the CD single by Brett and it's available on iTunes.

Alas, the Atlanta Feminist Women's Chorus disbanded in 2009, after 27 years, but the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus lives on.

Holly Near's anthem "Singing For Our Lives" has appeared on at least three of her recordings: Lifeline, Lifeline Extended, (both with Ronnie Gilbert), and HARP (Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Gilbert & Pete Seeger). I was honored to interview her for my January 2010 QMH show.

Part 2


Adam Baum (aka Jeff Elder) of Tulsa and his band Frustrated Housewives

from Tulsa World

Below, UK's Stars of Sunday League, and from his myspace page, folkie Bob A Feldman

Euan Robinson and Sarah Triggs      

...okay, though the connection is a myth, I couldn't resist the imagery 

Art Peterson & Lenny Anderson

Above, the split 45 by Art Peterson & Lenny Anderson. I wish I knew more about them...if you do please email me... That goes for the MonDellos, below, as well...

Click to see MonDellos Pic Sleeve

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke has been writing folk songs for a long time, and could not resist his about this event. Below, I think there were more than one punk band named Brain Damage, and this release, an EP, seems to be the only one by that band. The song can also be found on the compilation "Homework #7: US Experimental & DIY Singles, A-B." And, I interviewed Larry Wisch of The Choral Majority for my December 2001 QMH show, and have a memorabilia section on them. The song I played was not on their only release, a cassette tape.

Brain Damage    Choral Majority 

Thanks to John Raines,
Who rescued the live Lenny Anderson
And Choral Majority tracks from tapes
From the GLBT Historical Society,
Randy Alfred Collection, 1983

Jai Jai NoireKBD comp #13

The only photo I could find of Jai Jai Noire is from her only CD, "Pounding the Box," from 1989…that's her on the right. Under the band name Inverted Triangle, she recorded "White Night Riot" from around 1984, certainly prior to Dan White's release in early 1985. That song appears only on the KBD comp #13. And that's the best pic I could find of the LP by Christ on a Crutch, circa 1991.

I think the Dead Kennedy's version of "I Fought the Law" was only done live (and I found it on youtube). It's not on the album I show, but that one is of interest because they used on the cover a scene from the white night riot. You can find that song on the compilation "Play New Rose for Me." That's their founder and vocalist Jello Biafra, below.



Click for more on this Blue Gene Tyranny release

And, finally, closing the show is a dance track, and no, the cover in the center was not released that way. I doctored it to reflect the Buddy Johnson remix I used, (that's him on the right), and I thank him for sending me that track, years ago. Of course that's Pamala Stanley on vocals, on her 1984 hit. She had a fair run of dance songs in the 80s, including "This Is Hot."  


Other Interesting Links

Photo History by Strange de Jim & Danny Nicoletta
Uncle Donald's Castro Harvey Milk Pages
"Times of Harvey Milk" Film Producers Site

Above Dan Nicoletta photo of candlelight march

Two Historic Radio Broadcasts:

Click above to hear a 15-minute news report on the Riots

..that's Ray Hill on the right

Above, hear Houston's founding gay activist, Ray Hill...this is a fascinating discussion.

Times of Harvey MilkMilk

I think it interesting that the CD shown below contains no songs about Harvey Milk.

In addition, I would like to thank Larry-Bob Roberts for suggesting several of the obscure Dan White songs. He's been a valuable resource for me on several shows, sort of a queer music consultant..:) He hosts the wonderful website, Holy Titclamps