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Gay & Proud LP

News reporter Breck Ardery compiled an amazing audio documentary
on the state of Gay Rights one year after Stonewall, including
interviews with over 30 activists from several cities

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Quote List, with Time Marks

1:08 Craig Rodwell, activist and owner of Oscar Wilde Bookstore
5:12 Joe Reardon, NYC
5:46 Frank Kameny
6:46 Bob Kohler of Gay Liberation Front
7:28 Craig Rodwell
8:30 Bob Kohler
9:30 Marty Robinson of Gay Activists Alliance
10:02 Joshua Harris of Homosexuals Intransigent
11:35 David Goldman of Chicago Gay Liberation
12:37 Frank Kameny
13:10 Jack Nichols of the magazine "Gay"
13:42 Dick Michaels of The Advocate
15:50 Al Bloomingthal, NY State Assemblyman
16:23 Jim Owles, President of GAA
17:00 Marty Robinson of GAA
18:32 Arthur Evans of Gay Liberation Front
19:40 Marty Robinson
20:57 Dick Michaels, of The Advocate, L.A.
22:06 David Goldman of Chicago Gay Liberation
22:23 Craig Rodwell
23:11 Nito Romano of Gay People at Columbia

24:05 Frank Thompson, owner of Thompson Art Gallery, in the Village
25:00 Pat Maxwell, artist and member of GLF
26:45 Mike Brown of GLF
27:28 Brenda of GLF
28:20 Bill Sullivan of GLF
29:55 Bob Kohler of GLF
31:00 Mike Barta of Chicago Gay Liberation
31:20 Henry Weinhoff of Chicago Gay Liberation
32:30 Mike Barta of Chicago Gay Liberation
33:24 Bill Tries of Chicago Gay Liberation
34:11 David Goldman of Chicago Gay Liberation
34:43 Rob Cole of The Advocate
36:35 John Gillespie of Philly GLF
38:41 Frank Kameny
39:43 unidentified Norfolk March participant in NYC
40:31 woman from Philly Homophile Action League
41:20 man from Riverdale, Maryland, Homophile Social League
41:36 man from Philly GLF
41:55 man from Lehigh Valley PA group Lehigh Ho
42:33 Jimmy Getz from Washington DC
42:52 Kay Tobin, reporter for NYC newspaper "Gay"
46:35 Jack Nichols