June 2009
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Part 4-- 65:13

Greg Douglass - come here boy (2008)
Jen Foster comments (2009)
Jen Foster - She (2003)
Jen Foster - The Underdogs (2005)
Lee Adam Wilshier - Mad About the Boy (2009)
Lee Adam Wilshier - Lies of Handsome Men (2009)
Polkanomics - Mr Sandman (2007)
Declan Bennett - Limelight (2007)
Yehonathan Gatro - Just Another Summer (2009)
Todd Alsup - The Good Fight (2007)
Todd Alsup - How I'm Made (2009)
Mad Avenue Records - Drag Detergent (1960)
Goldbrick - Gay Caballero (late 1970s)
Betsy - Hard to Believe (1994)
Pale - They Don't Know (1991)
Moon Trent - We Two Boys (2008)
Josh Duffy - I Will Love You (2007)

Greg Douglass CD

Gregory Douglass digital only CD, sort of an official bootleg recording he issued of really cool material


Jen Foster 2003 CD  Jen Foster 2005 CD

I left off Part 3 with Jen Foster, but had some additional interview quotes from her I just has to share about songs from the two albums above. And below, Lee Adam Wilshier, an Australian artist I've developed an internet friendship with...I even nudged him into recording "Lies of Handsome Men."

Lee Adam Wilshier CD   Lee Adam Wilshier

Polkanomics CD   Polkanomics

Lesbian polka anyone? Then check out the Polkanomics. Besides their music they caught my attention as the band includes Nancy Vogl (below left) who had a solo LP on Olivia Records in 1986, and she and Suzanne Shanbaum (below right) were in the pioneering band The Berkeley Women's Music Collective, who released very lesbian albums in 1976 and 1978

Nancy & Suzanne



Declan Bennett CD   Declan Bennett CD single

Okay, I've fallen in love with UK singer Declan Bennett's singing. Upper left is his first full-length CD, "An Innocent Evening of Drinking," and at right his new CD single "Therapy," and below, well, just some pics of him I liked...:)

Declan Bennett   



Yehonathan on Instinct   Yehonathan Gatro

I first heard about Yehonathan Gatro (he told me in an email it's pronounced Yonathan) on the cover of Instinct Magazine, and went from just admiring his looks to admiring his music...he has so many very sexy videos, like "Just Another Summer." You can find many more on youtube.




Todd Alsup   Todd Alsup single

I discover artists in many different ways. I had heard that my friend Josh Duffy was appearing at the Gay Expo in NYC, and went to that event's website. There I saw on the poster an artist new to me, and checked out his music and was very pleased. He's Todd Alsup and so far has only a CD EP but is working on a full-length album. He sent me his EP and an advance listen to a song from the new one, which of course I'm sharing with you.

Below, a bit of so-called comedy...from 1960 a comedy LP called "Commercials In A Plain Brown Wrapper," with the limited punch line of take-offs on commercials. The "gay" one was "Drag Detergent." And in the late 70s amid the CB-Radio craze there was a sizeable radio hit by Rod Hart with "CB Savage," where the "joke" was that the swishy trucker tailing the rednecks was really a cop. Gold Brick used the same scenario, with the same stereotypes, and much less success with "Gay Caballero." The big, wide internet has no info on him.

Commercials in a Plain Brown Wrapper   Gold Brick


many Moons, Moon Trent, that is

Betsy Smittle      Josh Duffy CD

Above, many you may know that Garth Brooks has a lesbian half-sister, who played in his band, but how many of you have heard her sing? Here's your chance, from her 1994 solo album,"Rough Around the Edges." And Josh Duffy was in Part 1 of this show, so I'm bringing him back to close it all. Check out his very sexy new video!