June 2009
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Part 3 -- 67:39

Mike Ator at Houston Pride 2008, photo by JD Doyle

Above, Houston artist Mike Ator...I am SO looking forward to his album. And above right, Canadian artist Kate Reid captivated me with her last album, and now she has a new one, called "I'm Just Warming Up." I thank her for sending me an mp3 of our opening song, so that it could be included in this show.

Kate Reid


Kate Reid - Emergency Dyke Project (2009)
Mike Ator comments (2009)
Mike Ator - Cavemen (2009)
Mike Ator - Angel Beside Me (2009)
Liz Clark comments (2009)
Liz Clark - Who's Your Angel (2005)
Liz Clark - Break My Heart (2008)
Girl Parts - Insomnia Song (2007)
Tessa Perry comments (2009)
Tessa Perry - Brave Song (2005)
Tessa Perry - Scrabble Song (2005)
Saturn - Oblivion (2009)
Temptations - Camouflage (1962 & 1965)
Jai Rodriguez - Sodomy (2004)
Gavin Creel - Radio Lover (2006)
Gavin Creel - Not Afraid (2007)
Michael Arden - Run Away With Me (2007)
Jen Foster comments (2009)
Jen Foster - I Didn't Just Kiss Her (2009)


Liz Clark CD 2005   Liz Clark CD 2008

Tessa Perry CD   

rare Girl Parts CD



Saturn x4


Gavin Creel CD

Gavin Creel, nominated for a Tony this year, for "Hair," released a CD I quite like in 2006, called "Goodtimenation," reminds me in places of 70s power pop, but he's great at ballads as well

Gavin Creel

Barbra Streisand & Michael Arden

Michael Arden (at right) is an acclaimed songwriter, Broadway and television actor, and as you can see above, runs in good company. When Barbra Streisand did her European tour in 2007 he was one of four of her "Broadway Boys."

Below is a video I'm in love with of him doing a song at a cabaret club. He didn't write it, but I think the acting is incredible. It's called "Run Away With Me"

Jai Rodriguez

A benefit concert of "Hair" included a who's who, including Gavin Creel and (above) Jai Rodriguez

"Hair" benefit CD

Michael Arden


she didn't just kiss her...    Jen Foster

Jen Foster and her wildly popular single, replying to Katy what's-her-name