June 2009
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Part 2-- 66:33

The Treacles

All-transgendered UK band, The Treacles

Treacles - Sparkle (2009)
Bruce Springsteen - My Lover Man (1998)
Howard Ashman - Sheridan Square (1983)
Terry Christopher - Braking the Cycle (2009)
Levi Kreis comments (2009)
Levi Kreis - Ain't Nobody (2009)
Levi Kreis - This Girl (2009)
Levi Kreis - Gonna Be Alright (2009)
Levi Kreis - Stained Glass Window (2009)
Julie Clark comments (2009)
Julie Clark - If It Weren't for That (2009)
Julie Clark - Courage of Our Convictions (2009)
The Lemonheads - Different Drum (1990)
House of Phallus.Com - Then He Kissed Me,
and Then He Frisked Me (2006)
Terry Guy - He Really Likes Me (2009)
QBoy - Coming Out 2 Play (2009)
Bonus Track


Bruce Springsteen "Tracks" box set    Howard Ashman CD

Who would expect "the boss" to write and record a song called "My Lover Man"? Well,
he did and it's excellent; it's a demo that appeared on his 1998 "Tracks" box set.
Howard Ashman is not known for his singing, but for his many award-winning songs
from such movies as "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," "Little Shop of
Horrors," and "Aladdin." But "Sheridan Square" was not written for any project, just
for the need to write it. NYC artist Terry Christopher not only puts out his own wonderful
CDs but this year produced a benefit CD, called "Braking the Cycle," to raise money
for AIDS programs. Gee, I've met half the artists on it; it's a winner, please check it out.

   Braking the Cycle project


Levi in "Million Dollar Quartet"   sexy Levi

Levi Kreis CD     Julie Clark CD

One of my favorite interviews (gee, this is the third time) is Levi Kreis, and he's always
so much fun to talk with…this time, about his latest CD "Where I Belong."

and I've more Levi Interviews here: January 2006 and March 2007

Julie Clark at 2004 Outmusic Awards, photo by JD Doyle

Julie Clark's latest, and excellent, CD is called "Change Your Mind." And I'm squeezing
in a straight band, as their take on "Different Drum" is decidedly gay. It's hard to find,
though, only comes on a German 3-song import called "Favorite Spanish Dishes." And,
check your good tasted at the door, but be ready to have fun with House of Phallus.Com.

Lemonheads import release      House of Phallus.com

Ironically, the House of Phallus.com no longer has a website...
and below is the only pic I could find, from their youtube video

House of Phallus.Com

Terry Guy

London artist Terry Guy is working on his forthcoming debut album, to be called "So Much
To Say, So Little Time," and I'm looking forward to it; I expect it to be very queer…:
And also from the UK is the cute and talented QBoy. I've been waiting for a full-length CD
from him for several years, and it's finally available, in digital only release, called "Moxie."
I thought it would be amusing to have a "bonus track," and when you hear it you'll guess
why…it's by another UK artist, and it's one of those songs that just stick in your head.
And better yet, it's prompted several amateur videos, and I LOVE this one.
It was put together by a group of French teenagers, and they are so adorable.

hey, I may not know much about photography, but I know what I like...