June 2009
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Part 1 -- 57:46

Bettina Schelker - Solo Trek (2007)
Bettina Schelker comments (2009)
Bettina Schelker - The Honeymoon Is Over (2007)
Matt Fishel - How do You Get With The Guy (2009)
Matt Fishel - Armitage Shanks (Jamie) (2009)
John Barrowman & Daniel Boys - I Know Him So Well (2008)
Artemis Singers - Leaping (2005)
Artemis Singers - I Enjoy Being a Dyke (2001)
Bea Arthur and Madame - A Good Man Is Hard to Find (1980)
Randal Walker - The Guy Just Drives Me Crazy (2008)
Matt Alber - No Son of Mine (2005)
Matt Alber comments (2009)
Matt Alber - End of the World (2008)
Jimmy Somerville - Hush (2009)
Josh Duffy & Melange Lavonne - Truth (2009)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt - Pride 2009 (2009)

Bettina Schelker

Matt Fishel   John Barrowman CD   Daniel Boys

Above, from the UK Matt Fishel does not yet have a CD released, but I'm SO ready for it.
John Barrowman is not only my favorite alien tracker (on BBC America's "Torchwood,")
but I love his singing. On his latest CD he got Daniel Boys to do a guest duet.


Below, the Artemis Singers call themselves Chicago's Lesbian Feminist Chorus, and in 2005
they celebrated 25 years with a two-CD retrospective. And, alas, the beloved Bea Arthur,
As she appeared on an 1980 TV show, with Madame (as in Wayland Flowers & Madame).

Artemis Singers CD   Bea Arthur & Madame


Randal Walker, and the song is now over 6,000 plays

          Matt Alber CD   Richard Link CD

Above, I found Randal Walker on myspace. Who can resist a very gay country song?
And Matt Alber, after spending many years in the Grammy-winning Chanticleer, has just
released his second CD, "Hide Nothing." It includes the gorgeous song "End of the World."
I also founder an older one by Matt, in country style, and found only on a CD by composer
Richard Link, called "Committed to My Heart," from 2005, where Link got others to do the singing.


Jimmy Somerville CD   Jimmy Somerville

It's been five years since Jimmy Somerville
released a studio CD, but it's finally here (though in digital only format); it's called
"Suddenly Last Summer." And below, the albums of Josh Duffy and Melange Lavonne
both made my "Best of" lists, for 2007 and 2008 respectively. They've teamed up for
A single called "Truth," a can't-miss combination.

                            Josh Duffy CD   Melange Lavonne CD


Jon Gilbert Leavitt wrote and recorded his original version of
"Pride" in 1999, and the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall was the
right time to update it, and to also add a stirring video, showing
clips of our GLBT history. I much encourage you to check it out.

Pride 2009