June 2008
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Playlist - 63:47 min

Chixie Dix - Marry Me (2004)
The Clevelanders - In My Little Hope Chest (1930)
Ron Romanovsky comments (2008)
Ron Romanovsky - Sanctity of Marriage (2006)
Kinsey Sicks - Locked Out of the Chapel of Love (2002)
Mark Mercer - Chapel of Love (2004) *
Tori Fixx - Marry Me (2004)
Scott Free - Battle Hymn of the Intolerant (2004
Janis Ian - Married in London (2006)
Therapy Sisters - Tying the Knot in Vermont (2004)
Jamie Anderson - A Love So True (2001)
Sandy Baron - Do You Take This Man? (1972)
Ten Percent Revue - Wedding Song (1987)
Michel Girouard & Regeant Tremblay - Hymne a L'Amour (1972)
Boston Gay Men's Chorus - Marry Us (2004) *
Heartland Men's Chorus - I Do (2004) *
Tret Fure - Wedding Song (2002)
Emma's Revolution - This Love (2004)
Nedra Johnson - Forever With Me (2005)
Alan Cumming - Married (2006)
Mark Bridge - Same Sex Marriage (2005)
Eded Gross - It's All Because (2008)
Wishing Chair - Outlaw Wedding (2005)
Dave Hall - Biff & Tony's Wedding (1999
Steven Franz comments (2008)
Steven Franz - When Is It My Turn? (2008)
Steven Franz - I Do (2008)
Peter Donnelly - Love With Me (1998)
Roy Zimmerman comments (2008)
Roy Zimmerman - Defenders of Marriage (2006)

* = internet version only

This show will be all about songs about same-sex marriage. I've been collecting songs on this subject for some time now, and had been thinking for a while of devoting a whole show to it. In light of the recent court decision in California, and also because June is gay pride month, well, this seemed like a good time to do it.

Also, I've set up a special page of my website for Same-Sex Marriage Songs (see the link above), and have collected over 65 of them, and you can download them all from that page, as I've set it up as a resource, for the media or just for folks wanting songs for their own wedding events. Of course I can't play 65 songs on this show; that would take 3 to 4 hours, so I'm going to showcase some of the best, that approach the issue from different angles.

I generally flood my show page with scans of the album and CD covers and photos of the artists, but gee, I've already done that, so click to see all the recordings used on this show, and more.

and, singing the finale...

Roy Zimmerman

Roy Zimmerman, live in Houston, May 2008


"One" was the pioneering gay publication, and in its first year
it addressed "homosexual marriage," but not in the way you
might was presented in a letter to the magazine.
The letter gave surprising views, and drew letter-to-the-editor
replies the next issue. I encourage you to read the article, and
think about the consciousness and frame of mind someone in
1953 might have had to have written such a piece. These are
not the views of today or even ten years ago, but are a
fascinating insight into the world then.

Also, ten years later, their cover story was
"Let Push Homophile Marriage"

Click for both articles and replies.

Lambda Legal

Want to contribute to the battle for Same Sex Marriage Rights, I recommend Lambda Legal