June 2001
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Playlist: (airdate 6/25/01)
Frank Luther & Century Quartet -
   the gay parade (1939)
Charlie Murphy - gay spirit (1981)
Leah Zicari interview clip
Leah Zicari - glory glory (1990)
Suzanne Cimone - freedom day (1995)
Jallen Rix - i saw jesus down at
   stonewall (1995)
Jallen Rix interview clip
Worm - stonewall (1995)
Berkeley Women's Music Collective -
   gay and proud (1976)
Mark Islam - get used to it (1998)
Mark Islam interview clip
Jamie Anderson - no closet (1992)
Jan Tilley - bricks and bottles (1994)
Interview clip by Tom Wilson
, who wrote Tilley's song
Flirtations - everything possible (1990)
Jon Gilbert Leavitt interview clip
Jon Gilbert Leavitt - pride (2000)

Jallen Rix video single

Artist Links:
Leah Zicari
Jallen Rix
Mark Islam
Jamie Anderson
Jon Gilbert Leavitt

Many of recordings heard on
QMH can be purchased at
Goldenrod Music. Please click
on the photo to visit their site.


Above, recordings by Leah Zicari and Suzanne Cimone

Above, Jallen Rix CD, Below, one by Worm

Above, members of the Berkeley Women's Music Collective

Berkeley Women's Music Collective  Mark Islam CD  Jamie Anderson CD

Jan Tilley tape   Tom Wilson Weinberg

Jan Tilley sang "Bricks &
Bottles," written by Tom
Wilson Weinberg, right



Above left, Jon Gilbert Leavitt wrote our newest anthem, "Pride"

Right, Mark Islam, JD Doyle, and Jon Gilbert Leavitt at the 2000 GLAMAs


Added October 2004:

And, some more great early pics of the Berkeley Women's Music Collective....

and, a neat early article on Charlie Murphy, from 1983