July 2008
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Interview with Elliot Pilshaw

   Elliot Pilshaw has been recording as an out gay musician since his debut release in 1982. He is co-founder of the Flirtations, an original cast member of Tom Wilson Weinberg's Ten Percent Review, and founder of Sons & Lovers, a gay a cappella quintet, and he's an excellent recording artist on his own. He has wonderful stories to tell about the founding of the Flirtations, and how influential Women's Music was on his solo career and all the music he helped to create.

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      (Internet version, 79:37 minutes)

Elliot Pilshaw & Lorin Schlamberg:
                 To Try for the Sun (1982)
     How Nice (1982)
        Something About the Women (1982)
Elliot Pilshaw - Mishirei Eretz Ahavati (1984)
Ten Percent Revue - Before Stonewall (1985)
Elliot Pilshaw - Matelot (1986)
Elliot Pilshaw - While Walking (1986) *
Elliot Pilshaw - Walls to Roses (1986) *
Elliot Pilshaw - Feels Like Home (1986)
Flirtations - Shooting Star (1990)
George Fulginiti-Shakar & Elliot Pilshaw -
     Welcome Home (1990)
Sons & Lovers - Listen (1994) *
Sons & Lovers - Waterfall (1994)
Sons & Lovers - Emotional Rollercoaster (1994)
Michael Callen - We've Had Enough (1994)
Elliot Pilshaw - Who Have You Loved Today? (1986)
     * = internet show only

Above, Elliot's 1986 album "Feels Like Home," and below his cassette from 1982 with
Lorin Sklamberg. Below right is Ellot's Hebrew language cassette, "Native Tongue," 1984.


Above, the cassette for "Ten Percent Revue - Live in Boston," and below programs
from three different productions in which Elliot was involved: Boston on the Spring of
1985, San Francisco in the Summer of 1985, and Provincetown in the Summer of 1986.



Above, the wonderful "Feeding the Flame" album, one that should be in every GLBT
person's CD library. George Fulginiti-Shakar and Elliot share a duet on the album.
To the right, I took Cris Williamson's "Shooting Star," a Pilshaw arrangement, from
the debut Flirts CD. His arrangement has also been used by the women's choruses
Sound Circle and Vox Femina. Below, some of Elliot's backup work has been on the
essential CD "Legacy," by Michael Callen, and on Grant King's "Bodies of Water."


Sons & Lovers: (in below pic, L to R) Deian McBryde,
John Whitley, Ken Browne, Bob Stern and Elliot Pilshaw

Thanks to John Whitley for providing the photo

Visit the Miami Gay Men's Chorus

In recent years Elliot has been active in the Miami Gay Men's Chorus


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