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Larger cover pics of various albums:

   Joseph McCarthy Is Alive & Living in Dade County     Side by Side by Sondheim  

An Unfinished Song   

  All That He Was

Elegies   Elegies

Cruisin'   Fairy Tales

Most Men Are   Only Heaven Knows

The Harvey Milk Show   The Gay 90's Musical



The Rainbow Room   The Rainbow Room

Below, Rick Knight, creator of "The Rainbow Room"

Rick Knight

   Out on Broadway

Prodigal Son   Prodigal Son

and, the New York City version from 2003:

Prodigal, 2003

Bourbon Street   Portraits   

cast of Portraits

Below, private CD released for the Houston production

Dirty Little Showtunes   Dirty Little Showtunes

The Producers   Boy George's Taboo



Above, from "Pinafore!" liner notes

The Pink Files  The Pink Files


Avenue Q   Avenue Q

Avenue Q