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  Info and pics for "Dirty Dreams of a Clean-Cut Kid"

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show Sept 2003 for an interview with
John Karr, director of "Dirty Dreams..."

 Dirty Dreams of a Clean-Cut Kid

Dirty Dreams

Above and next four photos (all by Steve Savage)
are courtesy of John Karr.
Cast: above L to R, Doug Holsclaw, Bert Lacquemont
behind Samm Gray, Kenneth Koppes, and Ron Johnson
singing "San Francisco Leather Daddy 2001
[Bert and Samm have since died of AIDS]

Dirty Dreams

Above, in front of the startling full wall backdrop that duplicated the numerous
obituaries that were printed in the Bay Area Reporter, a local San Francisco gay
newspaper, (and which always drew a gasp of recognition from the audience
when it was revealed) mourner Doug Holsclaw is consoled by Ron Johnson,
Bert Lacquement and Kenneth Koppes in "Comes a Time."

Below, Doug Holsclaw and Samm Gray wrap up their "Favorite Faded
Jeans/Janitor's Son" sequence.

Dirty Dreams

Below, "Waiting for the Lab Report": Ron Johnson, Doug Holsclaw, Bert Lacquement,
Kenneth Koppes and Samm Gray in what we called The Reality Poses with
which they began the show, and to which they returned as each segment resolved.
The flash of the lighting equipment makes the flat behind look like it's covered in
oatmeal. It didn't look like this in performance. Their starkly backlit silhouettes
were striking, and admittedly inspired by A Chorus Line's line up of dancers
in their trademark character poses.

Dirty Dreams

and below, Co-directors F. Allen Sawyer and John F. Karr (at the time of production, 1990)

Dirty Dreams

* * * * * * *

cast member Doug Holsclaw, current pic, 2003

Doug Holsclaw