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"Boy Meets Boy"

 Info and Pics

Written by Bill Solly and David Ward, this l was originally produced at the
Actor's Playhouse in NYC in 1975, and recorded in 1978. It's set in London
and Paris in 1936-1937, amid the controversy of King Edward's abdication
so he could marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. The show is notable
in that no where in it is mentioned homosexuality; the relationships
are simply taken for granted.

         There were two different cast recordings of "Boy Meets Boy," from the Actor's Playhouse (NYC) in 1978, and from the Out & About Theatre in Minneapolis, in 1980.

   The New York production:

Boy Meets Boy     Boy Meets Boy

above, reissue LP cover at left, and reissue LP at right.
A reissue CD had the same cover as on the right.

Link to Recording on YouTube


Below, a Minneapolis Production, in 1980, had deluxe packaging,
with a gatefold LP and lyrics on the back

Click for Much larger scans from these three albums

Boy Meets Boy

review from GPU News, Milwaukee, June 1975, by Vito Russo

Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy

review from "The Advocate" from September 1980

Boy Meets Boy

Below, programs from two early productions

And, Bill Solly has released several albums of his songs from his musicals:


His site gives more background on him, at