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Wonder Club , New Orleans


In My Collection

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Bobbie La Marr, Jimmie Callaway, Ralph Gilbert,
Gene La Marr, Bobbie Bell, Bobby Johnson

Bobbie La Marr, Jimmie Callaway, Sandy Lee, Gene La Marr, Gary Hern,
and (not pictured) George & Tony, The Brooks Twins

Bobby Leonard, Francis David, Bobby Bell, Poppy Lane,
Giggles, Francis Parker, Bell & David, Cleo Renee

Bobby Leonard, Bertie LaPage, Hot Cha Hinton,
Poppe Lane, Bell & David, Francis David,
Francis Parker, Billy Richards, Bobby Bell

Art Sherrick, Billy Richards, Francis Russell, Bertie LePage,
Vern Valdez, Lee Carol, Paul Gilvre, Francis LaVerne

George Kelley, Billy Richards, Poppy Lane, Teddy & Yvonne,
Francis Parker, Teddy Cook, Bertie LePage, Hot Cha Hinton

Francis Russel, Billy Richards, Vern Valdez, Bertie LePage,
Lynn Lopez, Poppy Lane, Frances LaVerne

Poppy Lane, Del Raye, Nat Burgess, Ralph Gilbert, Gabby Lee, Bobbie Bell, Pat Gilmore

Flyers Not In My Collection, from internet scans

Bobbie La Marr, Jimmie Callaway, Nat Burgess, Ralph Gilbert,
Bobby Bell, Gene Abbott, Lee Roberts, Bobby Johnson

Bobby Leonard, Bertie LaPage, Teddy & Yvonne, Jean Renee, Teddy Cook, Cleo Renee

Francis Russel, Billy Richards, Frances Lee, Gene Abbott,
Ralph Gilbert, Bobby Sothern, Bertie LePage

Francis Russel, Billy Richards, Ralph Gilbert, Jerry Vaughn,
Vern Valdez, Paul Russell, Poppy Lane, Bertie LePage

Bobbie La Marr, Sandra Lee, George Rogers, Poppy Lane,
Hotcha Hinton, Gene La Marr, Brooks Twins

Bobbie La Marr, Jimmie Callaway, Ralph Gilbert, Sandy Lee,
Gene La Marr, Gary Hern, George & Terry, the Brooks Twins

Billy Richards, Bertie LePage, Francis Russel, Vern Valdez,
Lee Carol, Paul Gilvre, Francis LaVerne


Above left, Poppy Lane.
Above right, Francis David, Hot Cha Hinton,
Francis Russel, Vern Valdea, Billy Richards


[ well, at the moment, just one ]

and below, from an eBay ad I did not win, same card, showing the back, and postmark date of 1948

Below, not a post card but a photo card, where guests photos were
taken and then enclosed photo in this one though


Mentioning Ralph Gilbert, Billy Austin, Art Sherrick,
Billy Richard, Bertie LePage, and Francis Russel






Above, snap from the Wonder Club from 1946...and, comparing to the pics below, I believe that's
Gene La Marr on the left, and probably the Brooks Twins on the far right, and standing behind






An eBay Scrapbook





The Chronology of Wonder Bar, Wonder Club, Club My-O-My

I have heard that a few years after the fire, the Club My-O-My was reopened in
the French Quarter, but did not last long

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