A Pictoral History of the Art of
Female Impersonation

By Chris Shaw & Arthur Oates, London, 1966

Part 2

Mrs. Shufflewick

Bartlett & Ross

Ford & Sheen

Barri Chatt & Terri Gardner, and Douglas Harris

Andy Porter, Terri Dennis, Marc Fleming, George Lacey & Chubby Oates, and Terry Durham

London's Gay Nights

with Sonny Teal

Dolly Sisters, Keith Mills & Laurie Lee, Alvis & O'Dell, and Chubby Oates

Jean Fredericks

Chris Shaw

Cris Shaw, Terry Wilson, Billy Wells, Ted Gilbert

Ads.....note the upper right ad for Jean Fredericks recordings

The last page of the booklet was the poster below, in black & white, but I have
it from another source, larger and in colour so am featuring that one instead.