Matchbook Covers....

Jewel Box Lounge, Kansas City

Jewel Box Lounge, Washington DC
circa 1950-52

Torch Club, Cleveland


Tony's, Chicago

Baton, Chicago

Beige Room , San Francisco



Finocchio's, San Francisco



Fantasy, San Francisco

Club My-O-My, New Orleans


Below, actual dimension when open, 3 1/2" x 8"

82 Club, New York City

Silver Frolics, New Orleans

Wonder Club, New Orleans


Papa Joe's, New Orleans


Circus Bar, Miami
signed by Ray James

C'est La Vie, Baton Rouge

Fantasy Follies, Wildwood, NJ

 Jimmy Kelly's, New York City           

Show Biz Supper Club, San Diego


Francis Renault

Sir Lawrence Lawson

[I could find nothing else about him]

Darcelle XV

as of 2022 still performing in Portand,
age 91

Umbrella Room, Miami Beach
[ "see the He-She" ]

Note: I do not own all of these, you can be sure if the scan is quite small, I don't have it

Mother Kelly's, Miami Beach

owner "Mother Kelly" performed in drag

La Cage, Toronto

Okay, these next items are not match books, but they fit best here
...some Very cool fans

Jewel Box Lounge, Kansas City



And, a fan from Chez Nous, Berlin

Sonne Teal

   radius of fan is 9 inches

Domino and Everest

Brasiliana and Wanda Pierys

Pepa Darena and Lana