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 Female Impersonation Magazines...
Female Mimics, Female Impersonators, Drag,
Drag Queens, Drag Queen, and Dragazine

I obviously do not have all of the issues of these magazines, nor am I trying to get them,
but I thought I'd show you the covers of what I have. I did grab many images from them
for other sections of this site, and from eBay. I loved it when the focused on the history, and
former stars, though sometimes they could get a bit tawdry. I mainly tried to obtain them if I
knew there was coverage of interest to me, like of the Jewel Box Revue, or the 82 Club.
The issues in my collection where I actually own "hard" copies have pink borders.

Directory of Female Impersonators, 1964

Download 12-page publication, 1964

Directory of Female Impersonators, 1975

Female Mimics





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Click for a sample of the above right issue


There was a gap in years here, and notice the slight name change,
to New Female Mimics, which was most noticeable on what
became "Number One," and different font for the name







Perhaps a time gap here, as this is the second Volume 5 #3, but this one is 1979,
and the inside notes say this is the third issue in 1979. Magazine name is again
the New Female Mimics

Pudgy Roberts also published a "Handbook," which was an
amazingly detailed 132-page guide to all things female impersonation.
I thought especially interesting was Chapter 10, giving her descriptions
of the legends, from her viewpoint, in 1967.
Click for that chapter.

Female Impersonators

Editor, Pudgy Roberts

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   slightly different mag name, but appears to be some people

The Great Female Mimics

Editor, Pudgy Roberts

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One of the best...from Lee's Mardi Gras Enterprises, NYC
at least 26 issues, from 1970 to ~1976
founded by Lee Brewster (see obit)
and Click for More on Lee's Mardi Gras












The Drag Queens

From the U.K.


Drag Queen

U.S., no date, likely 1970


I have numerous copies of this magazine, a pretty good one from the 1990s.




Lavender & Lace

Click to see entire magazine

From 1964, borderline tacky, but fun


FMI - Female Mimics International

I have over 20 copies of FMI, with my collection beginning in the late 1980's.
Frankly, for my taste the ones I have are of less interest for drag history,
as they became more sensationalistic and, in my opinion, less in good taste.