The David Hummel

Scrapbook, Page 1

Amastars 1953 David Hummel (as Beatrice Kay)

Amastars Letter from Senator Homer Ferguson

Amastars David Hummel (Beatrice Kay)

Amastars Norma Vallier

Amastars Norma Vallier (It's In the Book)

Amastars Norma Vallier (Jimmy Durante)

Ralph Capitan performing at "Duffy's" in Flint, Michigan (c1953)

The Diplomat (Detroit, 1959)
Note the poster for famed performer Arthur Blake

Maurice and LaMonte who started the drag shows at The Diplomat

The Diplomat both top photos. Lower left, Joe Price, lower right David Hummel

The Diplomat top left Jerry Daye, top right Joe Price, Jerry Daye, Jackie Daye, David Hummel
(Gee, Officer Krupke)
lower left Joe Price, Jackie Daye, Toni "Lola" Albright, Jerry Daye, David Hummel,
lower right David Hummel, Joe Price (Homebreaker)

The Diplomat top left David Hummel, Joe Price (Cleopatterer) top right ? and David Hummel,
center entire cast, lower left Joe Price, David Hummel as Dracula and Vampira, lower right "Lola" and TD

The Diplomat top left production number, top right and center Fat Jack,
lower left Bobbi Johns, lower right E D Lloyd

The Fono Fools - Headlines

The Fono Fools - David Hummel, Joe Price

The Fono Fools - David Hummel (My Sweet Watusi)

The Fono Fools - Joe Price (Fujiyama Mama)

The Fono Fools - David Hummel, Joe Price (Homebreaker)

The Fono Fools - Joe Price, David Hummel (The City of the Angels)

The Fono Fools - Brochure (front), and below (back)

below, back cover enlargement

Joe Price caricature by Winn Wells

The Fono Fools - David Hummel

The Van Dyke Club Ads (1960)