February 2010
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The QMH show for February features interviews with the Canadian-Aussie duo Sugarbeach, singer/songwriters Phil Putnam, Joe Settineri and Skott Freedman, with some extras thrown in.

Part 1 - 57:52
Sugarbeach - I Just Love Girls (2007)
Sugarbeach Interview
Sugarbeach - Living Out Proud (2009)
Sugarbeach - Not Deserted (2009)
Sugarbeach - If I'd Known (2009)
Sugarbeach - Mama I Love Her (2009)
Phil Putnam Interview
Phil Putnam - More Than This (2009)
Phil Putnam - I'm No Prize (2009)
Phil Putnam - Courage (2004)
Phil Putnam - Here to Stay (2009)

Part 2 - 79:00
Sugarbeach - I Know I Should Run (2009)
Sugarbeach - Give Me Your Body (2009)
Phil Putnam Interview, Part 2
Phil Putnam - Lyin' (2006)
Austin J. Marolla - My Journey (2008)
Scottie Gage - This Is Who I Am (2007)
Joe Settineri Interview
Joe Settineri - Stay (2009)
Joe Settineri - You Walked (2009)
Phil Putnam Interview, continued
Phil Putnam - 91 (2004)
Phil Putnam - Paris (2009)
Skott Freedman Interview
Skott Freedman - Over You (2009)
Skott Freedman - Home (2009)
Skott Freedman - Tony (2000)
Skott Freedman & Mark Weigle -
     Papa Was a Rodeo (2006)



Above, Marlee (on left) and Tully of Sugarbeach,
and their 2007 EP "I Just Love Girls."
They released "Not Deserted" in 2009.

Phil Putnam
Austin J Marolla
Scottie Gage
Joe Settineri
Skott Freedman




Phil Putnam

   Casualties, 2008

[What Became of] the Choirboy, 2008   Best of Intentions, 2006

All the Courage Required, 2004   Long Story Short, 2002





Joe Settineri


Austin J Marolla & Scottie Gage


Below, I didn't happen to play Scottie's song "Waterslide," but love the video




Skott Freedman

The Cottage Sessions, 2009   Judge a Book, 2005

Some Company, 2003  Anything Worth Mentioning, 2001

 Swimming After Dark, 1999

In 2003 Skott produced the above excellent compilation, "Bi the People"

And you can hear other QMH interviews with Skott on my May 2001 and March 2004 shows

Photo by JD Doyle

And I found a very appropriate photo to go along with the Skott Freedman & Mark Weigle
duet of "Papa Was a Rodeo." I took this of Mark when he performed at the
Texas Gay Rodeo Association event in Austin, September 2003.