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The Fabulous Dyketones

1987 newspaper pic

above, pic for Mountain Moving Coffeehouse show (Chicago)

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Fabulous Dyketones, CD & Cassette 

Dyketones flyer

Dyketones flyer

Dyketones article

   Dyketones article

   Dyketones article

Dyketones article



       Char Priolo      

Co-Founder & Head Dyketone, Char Priolo....aka Chukki Linguini

Dyketones, 2003

Above, latest incarnation:  Lisa Rogers, Melissa Sigler, Robin Borthwick, Maureen McLean
or, their stage names,
Celia Fate, Bayou Licious, Anita Flashit, and Candace Plain

Lisa & Maureen are also The Therapy Sisters

and below, a number of pics through the years

from Plexus, April 1985

Below, from "Plexus" (Oakland), May 1985

from Plexus, May 1985

Dyketones, photo by Irene Young


San Francisco gig flyer, 11 x 18

Hey, Dyketones fans, can you help? I acquired this cool flyer, 11 x 18 inches, but I do not know the year.
I do know that April 18th fell on a Thursday in 1985, 1991 and 1996. Anyone know which is the correct year…I’m thinkin’ 1985.
If you know for sure, please email me.